When Was Never Can Say Goodbye by The Jackson 5 released?

When Was Never Can Say Goodbye by The Jackson 5 released?

1986Never Can Say Goodbye / Released

Who sang Never Can Say Goodbye originally?

Gloria GaynorNever Can Say Goodbye / ArtistGloria Gaynor is an American singer, best known for the disco era hits “I Will Survive”, “Let Me Know”, “I Am What I Am”, and her version of “Never Can Say Goodbye”. Wikipedia

Who had a hit with Never Can Say Goodbye?

“Never Can Say Goodbye” is a song written by Clifton Davis and originally recorded by The Jackson 5….Gloria Gaynor version.

“Never Can Say Goodbye”
Genre Disco soul
Length 6:19 (original album version) 2:58 (7-inch single version)
Label MGM
Songwriter(s) Clifton Davis

Who wrote the Jackson 5 Never Can Say Goodbye?

Clifton DavisNever Can Say Goodbye / LyricistClifton Duncan Davis is an American actor, singer, songwriter, minister, and author.
Davis wrote The Jackson 5’s No. 2 hit “Never Can Say Goodbye” in 1971. He appeared on Broadway in the musicals Two Gentlemen of Verona and Aladdin. Wikipedia

When did Gloria Gaynor record Never Can Say Goodbye?

In the UK the album peaked at number 32, “Never Can Say Goodbye” was released in the UK as a single and reached number 2 in early 1975….Never Can Say Goodbye (Gloria Gaynor album)

Never Can Say Goodbye
Released January 23, 1975
Recorded 1974
Genre Disco, R&B
Length 33:58

What genre is Gloria?

Gloria Gaynor/Genres

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