When do you use Rumack-Matthew nomogram?

When do you use Rumack-Matthew nomogram?

The Rumack-Matthew nomogram (the acetaminophen toxicity nomogram or acetaminophen nomogram), is used to interpret serum acetaminophen concentrations in relation to time since ingestion, in order to assess potential hepatotoxicity.

Why does the Rumack-Matthew nomogram start at 4 hours?

The primary reason for starting at this time point was to eliminate (or at least diminish) the possibility of ongoing or delayed absorption. 4 Unfortunately, proper use of the Rumack-Matthew nomogram necessitates extending a patient’s emergency department (ED) length of stay by 4 hours or more.

What are the limitations on the use of Rumack-Matthew nomogram?

The nomogram cannot be used if the patient presents more than 24 hours after ingestion or has a history of multiple acetaminophen ingestions.

When do you give N-acetylcysteine?

The antidotal efficacy of NAC is determined by great extent to the time that treatment is initiated after an overdose of acetaminophen. NAC therapy should be initiated within 8 hours of an acute ingestion and otherwise as soon as possible.

What is the Rumack Matthew Line?

The Rumack-Matthews nomogram summarizes the relationship between plasma acetaminophen concentration (in µg/mL or µmol/L), the time after drug ingestion, and the risk of hepatic toxicity. The thick diagonal line of possible hepatic toxicity represents a 25 percent likelihood of disease.

Can you take NAC and Tylenol together?

Co-administration of NAC with APAP can improve the antinociceptive effect of APAP. It is suggested that this compound can enhance analgesic effects of APAP and eventually lead to a reduction in acetaminophen dose.

What does NAC treat?

As a prescription drug, doctors use NAC to treat acetaminophen overdose. It may also help break up mucus in people with some lung diseases, like chronic bronchitis. As a supplement, some people use NAC to try to protect the liver. There’s evidence it can help prevent kidney or neurologic damage caused by some drugs.

When do you start NAC in paracetamol overdose?

Sustained Release Paracetamol

  1. NAC should be commenced in any patient who reports ingestion of >200 mg/kg or 10 g of sustained release paracetamol.
  2. An initial paracetamol concentration should be measured 4 hours post ingestion or immediately if presentation is >4 hours after ingestion.

Does NAC protect liver from Tylenol?

NAC acts as a glutathione substitute in acetaminophen overdose which helps convert toxic metabolites to a nontoxic conjugate that can be excreted. When this is given within 8-10 hours of acetaminophen overdose, it can prevent liver damage.