When did they stop making Mariner outboard motors?

When did they stop making Mariner outboard motors?

In 1999, the decision was reached to end Mariner sales in the U.S. but to continue distribution internationally in markets where it remains popular. In the U.S., loyal Mariner owners were downhearted.

Is Mariner outboard the same as a Mercury outboard?

Mercury and mariner are the same company, both owned by the bruswick corp. Mariner was originally an australian licenced company that re-badged overseas engines and sold them locally under the ‘mariner’ brand name, mostly US made mercurys and a few Johnsons…

What brand is a Mariner outboard?

Mercury engine
The new Mercury engine brand was named “Mariner” to invoke a reliable, durable outboard that would appeal to a different customer than the fast, high-performance image of the Mercury brand.

Where is the model number on a Mariner outboard?

Model Number and Serial Number These numbers are located on the transom bracket of the motor.

Where is the serial number located on a Mariner outboard motor?

Mariner Outboards The serial number tag is located on the top outside edge of the CLAMP BRACKET; or, on top of the SWIVEL BRACKET (port or starboard).

Is Mariner and Yamaha the same?

Sanshin Industries’ products will be marketed in Japan by Yamaha under the Yamaha brand name, and sales in North America and Australia will be marketed by Mercury under the Mariner brand name. In other regions, each company is free to market the products under their own brand.

Are Mercury outboards made in China?

Boating engine company Mercury Marine, based in Fond du Lac, has been granted exclusions from 25 percent tariffs for its outboard engines assembled in China. The requests, made by Mercury’s parent, Brunswick Corp., were approved by the U.S. Trade Representative office, Brunswick said this week.

Who made Mariner outboards in 1986?

After 1986, the sailing ship designs pioneered by Mariner were taken over by Stuart Marine.

How old is my Evinrude?

Find the year of manufacture for your Evinrude motor with an eight-character model number by looking for the sixth and seventh character of the number. An eight-character model number indicates an engine made between 1999 and the present.