When did the Rolling Stones play in Detroit?

When did the Rolling Stones play in Detroit?

The Rolling Stones have never, as the song says, forgotten the Motor City. Detroit was one of just eight U.S. cities the iconic British band visited during its first U.S. tour, in June 1964, and it’s been coming back ever since — to the tune of 18 concerts in 14 visits over that time.

What is the playlist for the Rolling Stones concert?

Show Openers

1 Street Fighting Man 31
2 Sympathy for the Devil 14
3 Jumpin’ Jack Flash 11
4 Start Me Up 2
5 Let’s Spend the Night Together 1

Who opened up for the Rolling Stones in Detroit?

Mick Jagger warmed up for the Rolling Stones’ Ford Field show by getting out on a chilly Detroit night. The eminent rock frontman posted a series of images overnight Sunday from various spots downtown, as the Stones geared up for Monday night’s concert.

What songs did the Stones play last night?

Guitarist Keith Richards led his bandmates through “Connection” and “Slipping Away” later in the night before The Rolling Stones reeled off a run of classics “Miss You,” “Midnight Rambler,” “Paint It Black,” “Sympathy For The Devil” and “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” to end Thursday’s main set.

Where did the Rolling Stones play in Detroit?

Ford Field
The Rolling Stones played Detroit’s Ford Field on Monday night, and they honored the city’s musical roots by covering the 1966 Temptations classic “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg.” “Ever since we were really young, we always loved Motown,” Mick Jagger told the audience.

Who’s playing with the Rolling Stones in Detroit?

The concert opens with a montage of photographs of Charlie Watts, Rolling Stones drummer who died on Aug. 24, 2021. The Rolling Stones Ronnie Wood, left, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger and new drummer Steve Jordan take the stage at Ford Field in Detroit on Nov. 15, 2021.

Who opened for the Rolling Stones in 2017?

Closing off the run of shows, The Hellacopters will play in Stockholm, blues hero Leon Bridges will open in Arnhem and Cage The Elephant open for the band on the final three nights Paris’ new U Arena.

Did Martha Reeves sing with stones?

Martha Reeves put out an “invitation across the nation” in 1964 with “Dancing in the Street,” and now she has her own invitation, to sit onstage with the Rolling Stones at their Nov. 15 Ford Field concert. And maybe sing?

Who opened for The Rolling Stones in 2017?

What was the attendance at the Rolling Stones concert in Detroit?

The Stones — and Jagger in particular — seemed to take all that into account Monday. They worked the crowd of 30,000-plus for the duration of the 19-song performance, which marked Ford Field’s first concert since Garth Brooks played to 70,000 fans in February 2020, just three weeks before COVID-19 shut the world down.