When can you dive in Monterey?

When can you dive in Monterey?

Fall and early winter are the best times for Monterey scuba diving trips. Winter is often a good time to dive in the bay, but only during calm days. There is also less kelp in the kelp forests during winter, which results in better visibility.

How is scuba diving in Monterey?

With its plentiful kelp beds, seal and sea lion rookeries, nutrient-rich waters, colorful anemones and quality deep dives, Monterey is considered California’s best cold-water diving, courtesy of the 10,663-foot-deep Monterey Bay Submarine Canyon.

How much is diving in Monterey?

If you’re new to Monterey (or cold water) diving, a guided shore dive is a great way to learn about the area and explore one of our many, excellent dive sites….Guided Tours.

Dive Tour Prices
1 Person 1 Dive $75.00
1 Person 2 Dives $95.00
2 Person 1 Dive $150.00
2 Person 2 Dives $190.00

Can you dive Monterey Bay?

Monterey Scuba Diving The Monterey Bay Sanctuary attracts divers from around the world. More than 65,000 of them visit each year. Lured by the unique beauty of the kelp forest and underwater canyon, divers also appreciate the good visibility and safe conditions.

How cold is scuba diving in Monterey?

48-55 degrees Fahrenheit
And yet, a typical response when asking if someone wants to dive here is, “No way, it’s too cold!” While the water does typically range from a temperate 48-55 degrees Fahrenheit, given the proper exposure protection, divers can enjoy all the natural wonders without worrying about the cold.

What is the water temperature in Monterey Bay?

Water temperature in Monterey Bay today is 54.1°F.

Can you spear fish in Monterey Bay?

Certainly helped me. This is the zone in Monterey that you can legally spearfish. This is the area of Carmel Bay that you can spearfish.

Do you need a dry suit to dive in Monterey?

Most people that dive wet in Monterey use a 7mm wetsuit or semi-dry suit, as well as a 5-7mm hood, boots, and gloves. Of the two, semi-dry suits are favored as they are much better at retaining body heat throughout a dive, and don’t flush due to their better wrist and ankle seals.

Why is Monterey CA so cold?

You might ask why the California coast is so cold. The oceanic current that circulates water near the state’s coastline California coastline (and which is known as the California Current) conveys water from northern latitudes by British Columbia down to the continent’s western coastline.

Why is the Pacific Ocean so cold?

It is produced by equatorial trade winds that blow from east to west, piling up warm surface water in the west Pacific, and also pushing surface water away from the equator itself. This makes way for colder waters to well up from the depths, creating the cold tongue.

How do you pee when diving?

Like a clinical airline announcement before take-off, he explained, “After the dive, take off your wetsuit half-way down and jump back in water. Hold the rope along the side of the boat and do your thing.” After every dive, it was a pee-party along the boat, as though it was the most normal thing to do.

Is Santa Cruz better than Monterey?

Re: Road Trip: Where to stay Monterey or Santa Cruz? Both are good choices. Santa Cruz is more of a classic CA beach town with a surf culture and an eclectic downtown. Its kind of a funky sort of place, a bit off-beat.