Whats the YouTube channel that makes fun of movies?

Whats the YouTube channel that makes fun of movies?

1. ScreenJunkies. ScreenJunkies is an online movie magazine as well as a YouTube channel owned by Fandom, a global entertainment brand. It currently has 6.74 million subscribers and one of its most popular series is “Honest Trailers,” with its most recent episode receiving over 1 million views.

What are fun YouTube channel names?

Funny YouTube Channel Name Ideas

  • Channel Chatter.
  • Mad Screamers.
  • Be Fashion.
  • Humble Monster.
  • Essential Views.
  • Video Passport.
  • Fetch Masters.
  • Bargains.

What is the most entertaining channel on YouTube?

Entertainment Youtube Channels

  • The Ellen Show | Comedy. Burbank, California, US.
  • VEVO | Music. New York, US.
  • EvanEraTV. US.
  • Ryan Toys Review | Videos for Kids. US.
  • Explosm Entertainment | Animation And Comics.
  • Discovery Networks – Grab life by the globe!
  • Screen Rant | Movie and TV.

What are the best YouTube channels for 12 year olds?

14 fantastic YouTube channels for children

  • Educational channels for younger children. Crash Course Kids.
  • Homeschool Pop.
  • WordWorld.
  • National Geographic Kids.
  • Sesame Street.
  • Educational channels for older children. TED–Ed.
  • SoulPancake.
  • Khan Academy.

What should a Youtuber avoid?

These are seven mistakes that you must avoid so you continue to grow on YouTube.

  • #1: Not Uploading Enough Videos.
  • #2: Exclusively Uploading Short Videos.
  • #3: Bad Audio.
  • #4: Not Asking For Subscribers Or Comments.
  • #5: Branching Out Too Far On One Channel.
  • #6: Not Breaking Your Channel Into Categories.

Who makes Cinemawins?

CinemaSins is a YouTube channel created by Jeremy Scott and Chris Atkinson. The channel produces the “Everything Wrong With…” series that offers critique and commentary on movies….

Nationality American
Website www.cinemasins.com
YouTube information
Channel CinemaSins