What year is Pentium 3?

What year is Pentium 3?

Pentium III

General information
Launched February 26, 1999
Discontinued May 18, 2007
Common manufacturer(s) Intel

How much does Pentium 3 cost?

Intel dropped the price of the 550-MHz Pentium III to $487 from $658, a 26-percent cut in 1,000-unit quantities. The company cut the 500-MHz model 41 percent to $251 from $423. The 450-MHz Pentium III is now priced at $183, down 20 percent from $230.

How many GHz is Pentium 3?

Intel Pentium III Processor 1.00 GHz 256K Cache 133 MHz FSB Product Specifications.

Does Pentium 3 have integrated graphics?

With a TDP of 29 W, the Pentium III 1000 consumes only little energy. This processor does not have integrated graphics, you will need a separate graphics card.

When did Intel release the Pentium III with L2 cache?

Ideally, Intel was to release their new Pentium III with a full speed on-die L2 cache as well as a number of other enhancements on October 25, 1999 alongside their new desktop chipset platform, the i820.

Is it time to welcome the newest addition to the Pentium III?

It’s time to welcome the newest addition to the Pentium III family, just 5 months after the release of the 733MHz parts, the 1GHz CPUs are finally here. Please log in or sign up to comment.

Which is better Athlon or Pentium III?

On a clock for clock basis, as well as on an uneven playing field, the Athlon ended up ahead of the Pentium III in every single test we could throw at it including some tests specifically optimized for the Pentium III’s SSE instructions.

What happened to the Intel Pentium III i820?

Unfortunately, the launch didn’t go exactly as planned, and although the new Pentium III ended up making its way out the door on that day, it’s partner, the i820, didn’t make it.