What would an evacuee child wear?

What would an evacuee child wear?

Parents were issued with a list detailing what their children should take with them when evacuated. These items included a gas mask in case, a change of underclothes, night clothes, plimsolls (or slippers), spare stockings or socks, toothbrush, comb, towel, soap, face cloth, handkerchiefs and a warm coat.

What was written on an evacuee tag?

The labels include details of each child such as date of birth, name and school. They also have the destination information, showing your class that children were sent somewhere else.

What would an evacuee pack?

Additional for all:- Night attire, comb, towel, plimsolls, face-cloth, toothbrush, and, if possible, boots or shoes. GAS MASK. Blanket should not be taken. Sandwiches (egg or cheese).

Why did evacuees wear labels?

Children who were being evacuated were taken to the railway station by their parents or guardians, and sent off with a label attached to their clothing. This made sure that when they got off the train at the other end, people there would know who they were and where they had come from.

How do you trace evacuees?

Local archives are the best places to find out about individuals who were evacuated. For example, they might have records from the schools that were evacuated or the schools that the evacuated children attended while in their new homes.

What is a gas mask box?

Everyone in Britain was given a gas mask in a cardboard box, to protect them from gas bombs, which could be dropped during air raids.

What is an evacuee box?

World War Two – evacuee suitcase. Description. The suitcase contains items that a child would have packed when being evacuated during the Second World War. Through these objects, students will gain a valuable insight into what life was like for children during the war years and the difficulties and hardships they faced …

What was the age limit for evacuees in ww2?

Earliest school to start evacuation was Myrdle Street School, Commercial Road, E. Two hundred children, aged from three to 13, assembled before dawn. Each child carried a gas mask, food and change of clothing and bore three labels.

Is there a list of evacuees?

Individual records will only be open if the person is now deceased, but if the evacuee is still alive they can request a transcript of their own record. See our research guide on the 1939 Register for more information. There are no lists or registers of evacuees available online.