What was the Yale Halloween email?

What was the Yale Halloween email?

This email was in response to another email that had been sent by Yale’s Intercultural Affairs Committee, asking students to be careful of what costumes they chose for Halloween in order to avoid cultural appropriation, racism or generally offending others.

What happened to Christakis?

In December 2015, Erika Christakis resigned from her teaching role at Yale “to return to her work with young children and families.” In May 2016, both Nicholas and Erika announced that they resigned from their Silliman College duties to pursue academic work full time.

Are Yale students protected from hurt feelings?

Yale students have every right to express their anger and frustration with Yale faculty. But FIRE is concerned by yet another unfortunate example of students who demand upsetting opinions be entirely eradicated from the university in the name of fostering “safe spaces” where students are protected from hurt feelings.

Does Yale have an institutional racism problem?

On Wednesday, more than 350 Yale undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty gathered in the Afro-American Cultural Center to attend an open forum on allegations of institutional racism on campus.

Who is Yale’s Intercultural Affairs Committee?

On Wednesday, October 28, Yale Dean Burgwell Howard sent an email to Yale’s entire undergraduate student body from the university’s Intercultural Affairs Committee, a 13-member group of administrators from the Chaplain’s Office, campus cultural centers, and other campus organizations.

Does Christakis’ email invalidate minority students’ voices on Yale campus?

More than 740 Yale undergraduates, graduate students, alumni, faculty, and even students from other universities signed on to an open letter telling Christakis that her “offensive” email invalidates the voices of minority students on campus.