What was the problem with the Chevy Corvair?

What was the problem with the Chevy Corvair?

The Corvair’s alleged problems stemmed from its unusual rear-engined lay-out and the suspension that held it up. That design led to unstable emergency handling, according to Nader. It’s hard to say whether the Corvair was much more dangerous than other cars of its time.

Why was the Chevy Corvair discontinued?

First, following the publication of Unsafe at Any Speed: The Designed-In Dangers of the American Automobile in 1965, Chevrolet — which had, prior to the book’s release, decided to discontinue the Corvair in 1967 to focus on the Camaro — decided to postpone the model’s demise until 1969 to avoid the appearance that …

How much is a 1964 Corvair worth?

I know this because last year I plunked down $5300 for a white 1964 Corvair convertible….When Sporty Cars Reached Their Nader.

1964 Chevy Corvair Convertible
Excellent $12,000
Good $5,400
Fair $3,000

Who made Corvair cars?

The Chevrolet Corvair is a compact car manufactured by Chevrolet for model years 1960–1969 in two generations. It remains the only American-designed, mass-produced passenger car with a rear-mounted, air-cooled engine.

Are Corvairs reliable?

Re: The overall reliability of the Corvair drivetrain A 65 Corvair with automatic and 2 carb engine is generally very reliable and drivable. The powerglide transmissions are nearly bullet proof as they are essentially the same internals as the powerglides used in the heavier larger cars.

What is the best year Corvair?

Curbside Classic: 1966 Chevrolet Corvair Monza – The Best European Car Ever Made In America. (first posted 7/25/2013) If a car ever inspired me to emote and wax poetically, it was the Corvair, especially the second generation that delighted us upon its arrival in 1965.

How much is an old Corvair worth?

Prices for the Corvair can start at $5,000 and run as high as $30,000. Most cost less than $10,000.

Why choose a Corvan?

With a broad market intended for the full line of Corvair-95 vehicles, the Corvan benefited from features serving commercial applications, recreational uses, cargo hauling and passenger transport, with equal attention paid to functionality and aesthetics. The designers and engineers were amazingly successful.

When did GM stop making the Corvan?

In 1963 GM stripped the Corvan further, removing as stock the rear door windows, inside rear view mirrow, engine rear grill, and briefly even the glovebox door (see 2006 CorvanAntics Vol 34 #2 for more on these seemingly desparate cost-cutting measures).

What was the first year of the Chevy Corvair van?

Stk#126 1961 Chevrolet Corvair Van This 1961 Chevrolet Corvair Greenbrier Sports wagon 6 door van is the first year of production. Painted Silver with Red insert BC/CC this van is Slick and Straight. Front & Rear bumpers are like new. Tail lights are good, dual outside mirrors, all the glass is good.

What is a Corvair 95 panel van?

The Corvair 95 panel van (“Corvan’, model 1205) was conceived in a burgeoning market for light duty delivery vehicles dominated in the late 1950s by European automakers.