What was the Orange Free State and the Transvaal?

What was the Orange Free State and the Transvaal?

The Orange Free State and the Transvaal (officially the South African Republic) were independent countries in southern Africa in the 19th century established largely by Dutch/Afrikaans-speaking settlers known as the Boers (Boer translates to “farmer” in Dutch).

Why were the Orange Free State and Transvaal created?

Following the granting of sovereignty to the Transvaal Republic, the British sought to drop their defensive and administrative responsibilities between the Orange and Vaal rivers, while local European residents wanted the British to remain.

What is the Orange Free State called now?

The province remained unchanged when the Union of South Africa became the Republic of South Africa in 1961; but, after apartheid was abolished and the provincial governments were reorganized in 1993–94, the Orange Free State was renamed simply Free State.

What is the Transvaal called now?

the Republic of South Africa
Their government promoted unity between the Afrikaners and the British, and in 1910 the Transvaal became a province of the Union of South Africa, a status that was maintained when the Union became the Republic of South Africa in 1961.

What happened to Transvaal?

In 1994, after the fall of apartheid, the former provinces were abolished, and the Transvaal ceased to exist. The south-central portion (including the PWV) became Gauteng, the northern portion became Limpopo and the southeastern portion became Mpumalanga.

Who can live in Orania?

Oranians claim the town is a cultural project, not a racial one. Only Afrikaners are allowed to live and work there to preserve Afrikaner culture, the argument goes. The reality, however, is a disquieting and entirely white town, littered with old apartheid flags and monuments to the architects of segregation.

Why did the British annex Transvaal?

The British would annex Transvaal itself in 1877 as a way of resolving the border dispute between the Boers and the Zulus. This also saved the Transvaal from financial ruin, as the government had completely run out of money.

Which state is the Free State?

Maryland was first recognized as a “Free State” on November 1, 1864.

Is Pretoria a Transvaal?

Pretoria was the capital of the South African Republic (a.k.a. Republic of the Transvaal; 1852–1881 and 1884–1902) the principal battleground for the First and Second Boer War, the latter which brought both the Transvaal and the Orange Free State republic under British rule.

When was the Orange Free State founded?

February 17, 1854Orange Free State / Founded

Why did the British take control of the Transvaal?