What was Martin Gramatica longest field goal?

What was Martin Gramatica longest field goal?

52 yards
Gramática started to play American football during his senior year. He tallied 8-of-10 field goals, 22 extra points, and hit 38 of 49 kickoffs out of the end zone for touchbacks. His longest field goal was 52 yards.

Which Gramatica tore his ACL?

Bill Gramatica
Bill Gramatica The Cardinals’ kicker got so excited about making a 42-yard field goal in the first quarter that he jumped in the air, landed awkwardly on his leg, and tore his ACL, ending his season during a 17-13 loss to the Giants on Dec. 15, 2001.

Who has the record for the longest field goal?

Justin Tucker is responsible for the longest field goal in NFL history. His 66-year blast for the Baltimore Ravens against the Detroit Lions last year was truly something to behold.

How tall is Martin Gramatica?

5′ 8″Martín Gramática / Height

How old is Martin Gramatica?

46 years (November 27, 1975)Martín Gramática / Age

What NFL kicker hurts himself?

He was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in the fourth round of the 2001 NFL Draft. He played college football at the University of South Florida. Gramática is perhaps best known for tearing a knee ligament in a celebratory leap in 2001.

Who did Gramatica kick for?

As a senior in 2000, he booted a 63-yard field goal against Austin Peay that stands as the longest in the program’s history. He was drafted by the Cardinals and spent four seasons in the NFL. Santiago arrived at USF in 2001 and made it seven straight years of a Gramatica kicking for the Bulls.

Who is the best kicker in NFL history?

1. Justin Tucker. Tucker shot to the top of this list as a result of what has been a dominant career thus far. He not only is the most accurate kicker in NFL history, but he’s also the record-holder for the longest field goal ever made (66 yards, 2021).

Can you kick a field goal on any down?

A football team can attempt a field goal on any scrimmage down and from anywhere on the football field. Most field goals are attempted on fourth down or if there is little time left on the game clock.