What was Barry White first song?

What was Barry White first song?

Presented here is Barry White’s first solo single release of his career. The song “Man Ain’t Nothing,” was released in 1966 as a single only on Downey Records. Barry White released the song under the name Lee Barry. The man sounds great on this soulful ballad.

What is Barry White’s best album?

Barry White best albums

  • Can’t Get Enough. Barry White.
  • All-Time Greatest Hits. Compilation. Barry White.
  • Stone Gon’ Barry White.
  • Let The Music Play. Barry White.
  • Just Another Way To Say I Love You. Barry White.
  • Sings For Someone You Love. Barry White.
  • I’ve Got So Much To Give. Barry White.
  • The Man. Barry White.

What was Barry manilows first No 1 single?

Barry Manilow’s scores his first #1 single with “Mandy” on January 18, 1975.

When did Barry White sing?

1960s. After his release from jail, White left gang life and began a musical career at the beginning of the 1960s in singing groups. He first released “Too Far to Turn Around” in 1960 as part of The Upfronts before working for various small independent labels in Los Angeles.

Is Barry White a Motown singer?

In 1972, White got his big break producing a girl group he had discovered called Love Unlimited. Formed in imitative style of the Motown girl group The Supremes, the group members had gradually honed their talents with White for two years previously until they signed contracts with Uni Records.

Who is Barry Manilow’s daughter?

That beautiful life and partnership has also included raising a daughter, Manilow happily confirms. “We have a daughter, Garry’s biological daughter, Kirsten, and we raised her together all these years.

Who was Barry White first wife?

singer Glodean James
Marriages. White was first married to his childhood sweetheart, identified as just Mary in his autobiography, by the time he was 19. They separated in 1969 and later divorced. In 1974, White married singer Glodean James.