What verb do you use with prepositions in Spanish?

What verb do you use with prepositions in Spanish?

Although prepositions can be used before verb forms ending in -ing in English, in Spanish, they’re followed by the infinitive – the form of the verb ending in -ar, -er, or -ir.

What are examples of Spanish prepositions?

Simple (One-Word) Prepositions

Spanish Prepositions English Equivalents
hasta as far as, up to, until, till
mediante by means of
para for, in order to, toward
por because of, (in order) to, for, by, through, per

How do you use the preposition in Spanish?

Almost any verb indicating motion, and even nouns, can be followed by “a” before a destination. It can also be used with some other verbs to indicate where the verb’s action takes place….Using “a” to Indicate Motion or Location.

Spanish Sentence English Translation
Cayó al piso. It fell to the floor.

What verb is commonly used in Spanish with prepositions ser or estar?

To say something or someone is somewhere in Spanish, it is most common to use the verb estar. For example, to say that Roberta is at home, you can say simply: Roberta está en casa. However, in some situations it is also possible to use ser, the main other verb for “to be,” as well as verbs used primarily for location.

What are prepositions of place in Spanish?

Written by tutor Dorothy P.

Preposition in Spanish English Translation*
Afuera (de) Outside (of)
Al lado (de) Next (to)
Arriba (de) Above
Cerca (de) Near (to)

How do you use LA in Spanish?

Before feminine singular nouns → use la. Before feminine singular nouns starting with stressed a or ha → use el. Before masculine plural nouns → use los. Before feminine plural nouns → use las.