What type of oil is Motul?

What type of oil is Motul?

synthetic base oils
Motul is combining the newest and best performing synthetic base oils to exceed car manufacturers requirements. The 8100 range is basically a combi-product with many different car manufacturers approvals whereas the specific range is dedicated for special approvals from given car manufacturers.

How good is Motul engine oil?

This MOTUL 7100 has the perfect viscosity even at high temperatures . Since the till around 3500-4000kms you will feel the same smoothness as new. After that you might feel the urge to change the oil. But it can go upto 5000kms without causing any trouble to the engine .

What oil is VW 507 00?

SAE 5W-30
LongLife oils meeting 504 00/507 00 are now SAE 5W-30 viscosity.

How can you tell real Motul oil?

How Do I Know If My Oil Is Original? If the oil is red in color and does not have bubbles, it is an original and fake engine oil. Original since the brand uses an anti-bubble chemical to prevent oil bubbles from forming. As opposed to this, the fake oil will be mixed in color.

Where is Motul oil from?

Aubervilliers, France
Motul is a global French company which manufacturers, develops and distributes lubricants for engines (motorcycles, cars and other vehicles) and for industry….Motul (company)

Type Limited company
Industry Oil refining, Lubrication, Chemistry
Founded 1853
Headquarters Aubervilliers, France
Area served Worldwide

What oil brand does VW recommend?

As you would expect, Volkswagen demands the highest standards. So for us to be their exclusive recommendation for engine oil, Castrol EDGE has exceeded standard approvals and specifications, and keeps pushing performance boundaries.

What does VW 502 00 oil mean?

The engine oil specification VW 502 00 is issued by Volkswagen for cars with gasoline engines and fixed change intervals (annually or every 15,000 kilometres). VW 502 00 is the further development of the standards VW 501 01 and VW 500 00. The standard VW 504 00 is again the successor standard of VW 502 00.