What song did Lady Gaga wrote for Britney?

What song did Lady Gaga wrote for Britney?

1. “Quicksand” by Britney Spears. The Circus album has this bonus track, which Lady Gaga wrote. Fun fact: she also wrote “Telephone” for this album, but it was rejected, and that’s how Gaga herself ended up recording it with Beyoncé.

Did Britney Spears write any of her own songs?

Britney Spears is an iconic singer; however, she did not write most of her hit songs. One of her hits was co-written by fellow pop star Kesha. Here’s what Kesha said when asked about the fact that Spears doesn’t compose her own music.

When did Britney Release 3?

20093 / Released

Who wrote Britney lucky?

Rami Yacoub
Alexander KronlundMax Martin

What is Britney biggest hit?

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  1. 1. “… Baby One More Time” Hot 100 Peak Position: 1 for two weeks (1999)
  2. 2. “ Womanizer” Hot 100 Peak Position: 1 for one week (2008)
  3. 3. “ Scream & Shout” – Will.i.am & Britney Spears.
  4. 4. “ 3”
  5. 5. “ Til The World Ends”
  6. 6. “ Circus”
  7. 7. “ I Wanna Go”
  8. 8. “ Hold It Against Me”

Did Britney Spears write lucky about herself?

Some of Spears’ critics have accused her of not being involved in the writing of her hit songs over the years — but while she did have a hand in writing, or co-writing, a few of her tunes, including “Me Against the Music” and “Everytime,” she didn’t contribute to the writing of the song “Lucky.” Reportedly, the song …

Who writes Britney songs?

Swedish songwriter, record producer and singer Max Martin has been on a monster pop hitmaking roll since the mid-1990s, thanks to songs he wrote solely or co-wrote—and often produced–that have been made famous by the likes of Britney Spears (“…

What song did Britney Spears wrote about Justin Timberlake?

“Cry Me a River” — which was inspired by Timberlake’s breakup from Spears — was released as the second single from JT’s debut solo album, Justified. The song charted at No.