What size of bullet is a 243?

What size of bullet is a 243?

6.2 mm

.243 Winchester
Parent case .308 Winchester
Bullet diameter .243 in (6.2 mm)
Land diameter .237 in (6.0 mm)
Neck diameter .276 in (7.0 mm)

What bullets can a 243 shoot?

With available bullet weights from 55-grain “varminters,” to 100-grain medium game killers, plus ultra-long (heavy for the caliber) target bullets in the 105-115 grain range, the . 243 can really almost “do it all.” Of course, there are tradeoffs for everything, and no one cartridge can really do it all equally well.

What grain bullet is best for a 243?

243 using 80 grain bullets. This high velocity 80 grain load is great . 243 ammo for deer, feral hog, black bear, and pronghorn hunting. Some hunters use this ammunition on bigger game like elk, but I think there are much better ammunition choices if you want to use your .

Is .308 the same as 243?

243 is considerably smaller, these two calibers have quite a bit in common. Think of the . 243 as a descendent of the . 308: a similar round, but better suited for small to medium game hunting with a more moderate recoil.

Is a 243 a 30 caliber?

But is it? The 243 Winchester is just the 308 Winchester necked down to 24-caliber. It hits harder at 300 yards than the 30-30 does at 150 yards. Let’s run some ballistic trajectories on each of these, using popular deer hunting bullet weights as examples.

Will a 243 drop a deer?

243 is plenty enough caliber for whitetail deer. As several have stated the 243 is enough gun to humanaly harvest a deer.

Is a 243 A good rifle?

243 is a great varmint cartridge, it doesn’t have enough power to go after large animals like elk, bears, and even large hogs. Both are overpowered for small game. We might also consider “versatility” as it relates to the range of firearms available.

What is the best bullet for a 243 on deer?

243 for deer hunting, the consensus among amateur and professional alike is the 100-grain bullet. A 100-grain bullet, fired from a . 243 with the proper amount of powder in the shell is effective to a quarter-mile in deer hunting. Many consider the .