What should education be all about according to Albert Class 11?

What should education be all about according to Albert Class 11?

According to Albert, education should be based not on facts but on ideas. Albert said that one could get these facts from books. He was more interested in knowing why soldiers killed other soldiers in war. He was not interested in knowing their numbers.

Who was Mr Koch?

Mr. Koch was Einstein’s mathematics teacher. He was a great man, probably who was no jealous of Einstein’s knowledge. He admired Einstein’s knowledge and thought probably Albert would soon be able to teach him.

What reason did the headteacher offer?

Answer:The head teacher told Albert that he was expelling him from school because his presence in the classroom made it impossible for the teacher to teach and other pupils to learn. No serious work could be done while he was in the class. Albert refused to learn and he was” in constant rebellion.

What are Einstein’s views on education as revealed in his conversation with the history teacher?

Einstein’s view on education as reveals in his conversation with his history teacher that he does not believe in leaning facts. he don’t think learning dates is education its practical what matters . For him facts does not matter, but ideas matters .

How did Albert feel about going to school every day?

Answer. Answer: Einstein at the school, scored good marks in every subject and was brilliant in physics and mathematics, Even though Einstein didn’t like the curriculum of the school and often clashed with his teachers, Einstein felt smothered in the school so he left the school for good.

What is the meaning of education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school?

education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. the statement emphasise on what a person remains after getting out of school and importance of real education. it is about concepts that learned in institutions, nor focus on facts, relate to values, observations, creativity and so on.

Who did Albert meet before leaving Munich?

Answer: He hated the school regimentation and often clashed with his teachers. At the age of 15 Einstein felt so stifled there that he felt the school for good. So he left the school.

What does Reck D or Unreck D mean?

Answer: Reck’d or unreck’d in the poem by walt whitman means whether you cared for the sound of the rains or not , whether somebody listened to the sound the rain made or not,it does not affect the rains and neither does it affects the poet.

What should education be according to Albert Einstein?

According to Einstein, education should mean the pursuit of knowledge based on understanding rather than being based on the spoon-feeding of facts. Facts can be looked up in books like the dates of battles, etc.

What did Elsa think Albert?

What did Elsa think of Albert? Elsa was Albert’s cousin. She told Albert that she was sure Albert could learn enough to pass the examinations if he tried. She told him that she knew many students more stupid than Albert.

Why did the head teacher call Albert?

The head teacher had summoned Albert in order to ask him to leave the school. The reasons behind expelling Albert was that his presence in the classroom was disruptive of the discipline and decorum expected in a classroom. It created animosity in the class and was a source of distraction for the teacher.

Why did Albert feel miserable when he left school that day?

Why did Albert feel miserable when he left school that day? Answer: Albert was punished for his ‘insolence’ that day He had to stay in for an extra period after the school that day. Albert felt miserable because he hated the school and would have to return there the next day as well.

What factors made Einstein’s life Munich miserable What did he Realise after six months?

There was dirt and squalor and plenty of slum violence. He was forbidden to play violin by his landlady which was the only thing that could calm his nerves. After six months, Einstein could take it no more. He realised that his was wasting his father’s money and everyone’s time by staying at the school.

What book did Elsa see Albert carrying under his arm?

Answer. Answer: Elsa found carrying geology book beneath his arms , an she got amazed after seeing the book as the worst student albert reading that book which isn’t part of syllabus and when she asked reason of having it , he replied that he liked the book that’s why he was carrying with it .

How long did Albert father want him to attend the school for?

QUESTION:- How long did Albert’s father want him to attend the school for? ANSWER:- Albert’s father want him to attend the school until he completes his diploma.

What does Elsa think is enough to pass the examination?

Elsa was Einstein’s cousin who used to live in Berlin where her father had his business. She believed that one must learn just enough to pass exams. She observes that one does not have to know anything or understand what is being taught but just be able to repeat it in the exams.

Why did Einstein consider the school a hateful place?

Einsten consider school as a hateful place because the teachers has always prefer in cramming the things . But according to einsten the true education need to be based on ideas rather than facts .

Who was Elsa?

Elsa was Albert Einstein’s cousin from Berlin whose dad had a business there. She advised Albert to just repeat the lesson in the examination, as and how it was taught in the class.

Where did Albert reside during his schooling?

ii. At the quarters of Munich.

What book did Elsa see Albert carrying under his arm What did she say about it what does it reveal about him?

Elsa enquired about the book she always saw Albert carrying under his arm, to which he replied that it was a book on Geology. Elsa was amazed at him giving time to a book that wasn’t taught to him.

How does Einstein feel about leaving the school?

Einstein studied at a high school in Munich. Later, Einstein started hating the school because of its extreme discipline and he oftener used to clash with his teachers. When he turned 15, he felt stifled there and thus left the school.

Why does Einstein think that learning facts is no education at all?

As Albert Einstein observes in the story that it is all about factual knowledge that does not really benefit us. He believed that education should be about advancement of learning and lead us to enquire and think further. Hence he refused to learn dates and facts for merely passing an examination.

What is Einstein view about education How far do you agree with it?

Answer: Einstein believed learning facts was not education; rather thinking new ideas to solve existing problems was education. For example, instead of learning dates about defeat of the French at Waterloo, he would rather like to learn why those soldiers were trying to kill one another.

Who said Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten?