What postcode is Brent?

What postcode is Brent?

This is a list of areas in the London Borough of Brent. Postcode areas in Brent are HA, NW, and W….Neighbourhoods.

District Park Royal
Post town LONDON
Postcode area NW
Notes Also partly in Ealing

What area is NW10 in London?

The NW10 postcode sits within London zones 2 and 3. It is bordered to the north by NW9 and NW2, with NW6 to the east, and W10, W12, W3 and W5 running below. Wembley lies just to the west of NW10.

Which borough is NW10?

London Borough of Brent

London Borough of Brent
Constituent country England
Region London
Ceremonial county Greater London
Created 1 April 1965

What area is postcode NW10?

List of postcode districts

Postcode district Post town Local authority area(s)
NW8 LONDON Westminster, Camden
NW9 LONDON Barnet, Brent, Harrow
NW10 LONDON Brent, Ealing, Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea

What areas are in NW10?

NW10 is in the county of Greater London. It is 9km north-west of the city of London, and contains Willesden, North Acton, Neasden, Willesden Green, and Stonebridge. NW10 is a postcode district, also known as an outcode or outbound code.

What is Brent borough?

The London Borough of Brent, in north-west London, is the most diverse borough in England. From the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Neasden, to the iconic Wembley Stadium arch, Brent is filled with multi-cultural landmarks.

Is Brent a poor area?

Overview. Brent is an outer London borough located in the north-west of London. The poverty rate in this borough is significantly higher compared to the overall poverty rate in London. Within Brent 33% are living in poverty, while in all of London this number is 28%.