What player has scored the most own goals?

What player has scored the most own goals?

Most Premier League Own Goals: The Players

  • 10 Own Goals. Richard Dunne. Everton, Manchester City, Aston Villa & QPR.
  • 7 Own Goals. Jamie Carragher. Liverpool.
  • 6 Own Goals. Ryan Shawcross. Stoke City.

How many own goals has Richard Dunn scored?

10 own goals
Dunne holds the joint Premier League record of being sent off – eight times along with Patrick Vieira and Duncan Ferguson. He also holds the Premier League record of scoring 10 own goals.

What age is Richard Dunne?

42 years (September 21, 1979)Richard Dunne / Age

Who is the king of own goal?

Richard Dunne – Dunne holds the record for the most sendings-off in the Premier League, tied with Vieira and Big Dunc, and despite leaving the field of play a record amount of times, the former Republic of Ireland international is the Premier League’s king of the own goal.

How many red cards did Richard Dunne get?

Premier League All time – Red cards

Players Sent off A
Richard Dunne 8 5
Duncan Ferguson 8 6
Roy Keane 7 5
Lee Cattermole 7 4

Has anyone scored a hat trick goal?

Stan Van Den Buys not only has a memorable name, but he also had a memorable game. The only player to ever score a hat-trick of own goals in one match. When Germinal Ekeren faced RSC Anderlecht in the Belgian League, Van Den Buys managed to score not one, not two but three goals in the opposition’s net.

What does Dunne mean?

Dunne is an Irish surname, derived from the Irish Ó Duinn and Ó Doinn, meaning “dark” or “brown.” The name Dunne in Ireland is derived from the Ó Duinn and the Ó Doinn Gaelic septs who were based in County Laois, County Meath and County Wicklow.

What does Richard Dunne do now?

Upon retiring from playing professionally, Dunne relocated to France where he has founded his own football academy in Monaco which he also coaches at.

How many red cards did Ryan Giggs get?

Ryan Giggs 4 in the list. Ryan Giggs has a club record number of 963 appearances for Manchester United. He played for the Red Devils from 1991 till 2014 before retiring as a player. However, in this long span of time, he was never ever sent off the pitch.

Who has the most yellow cards in Premier League history?

The all-time leader with 653 Premier League appearances, Gareth Barry sits miles clear with 123 yellow cards. It’s not exactly surprising that he’s top of this list given his longevity and role. Evolving from left-back to a defensive midfielder, Barry was underrated throughout his career.