What paint is used on Quintrex boats?

What paint is used on Quintrex boats?

Telwater White
‘Telwater White’, this is the genuine Quintrex spray paint. Suits 2014 models to current.

What is a quintrex Millenium hull?

Our award winning Millennium Hull is an engineering marvel, providing maximum lift with a deep-V to slice through swell and bring you on the plane quicker. The technology used to create the Millennium Hull is unique to Quintrex and allows the hull to take on concave shapes previously only available in fibreglass.

Are Quintrex boats stable?

Renowned as the ultimate fishing boat the now all new Hornet Range is stocked with the essential fishing features. The Hornet range offers a smooth and steady ride in all conditions with the help of the Eclipse V-Flared Hull, while providing a stable platform to fish from when at rest.

Where are quintrex hulls made?

Queensland, Australia
Quintrex boats are all hand built at their Gold Coast based factory in Queensland, Australia. In fact, Quintrex has been proudly Australian made since 1945. A Boat to Suit Everyone.

What kind of paint do you use on a boat?

Enamel Paint: Though it’s less durable than polyurethane, this paint’s flexibility makes it a good choice for wooden boats. It can expand and contract along with the wood without cracking. For best results, at least one maintenance coat of enamel paint should be added to a boat every year.

How do you touch up paint on aluminum?

Touch-up paint is not designed to be painted over bare aluminum unless it has been properly pretreated. Aluminum pretreatment preparations can be purchased from your local automotive paint shop or from a pretreatment supply company. Use products such as Amchem Inc Alumiprep #33, Alodine 1201 or an equivalent.

How thick are quintrex hulls?

The Apex Hull not only provides ultimate on-water performance but are truly built tough to last with increased Hull strength created with 4mm bottom sheets and 3mm side sheets of pressed marine grade aluminium across the Frontier & Freestyler ranges. The 630 size models even receive a standard upgrade to 5mm.

What year did quintrex blade hull?

The Blade hull is 2013’s answer to Quintrex’s Millennium hull, which was first introduced over a decade ago.

Are Quintrex boats made in Australia?

Established in 1945, Quintrex is Australia’s largest aluminium boat manufacturer producing over seventy models, ranging in size between 2.45m and 6.7m. Wiley was approached to design and construct a 9,600m2 purpose-built aluminium boat manufacturing headquarters on a 6.4 hectare site at Coomera near the Gold Coast.

How wide is a quintrex?

The biggest of the basic open boats, this is a true workhorse. Now featuring the Blade Hull, its wide 2.09m beam and masses of room between the wide foam-filled bench seats means this is a great quality package for inshore reef, bay or estuary fishing.

Is Quintrex Australian?

Established in 1945, Quintrex is Australia’s largest aluminium boat manufacturer producing over seventy models, ranging in size between 2.45m – 7.4m.

Do boats need special paint?

When painting a boat, you’ll need different types of boat paint for above the waterline and below the waterline. These paints are specifically designed to withstand different elements over time. Topside boat paint protects your boat from the elements such as water, sunshine and sand.