What order do the P90X videos go in?

What order do the P90X videos go in?

The P90X System: How It Works

  • Day 1: Chest & Back and 16-minute Ab Ripper DVD.
  • Day 2: Plyometrics.
  • Day 3: Shoulders & Arms and Ab Ripper.
  • Day 4: Yoga.
  • Day 5: Legs & Back and Ab Ripper.
  • Day 6: Kenpo.
  • Day 7: Rest, or Stretching workout.

Which version of P90X is best?

8 years after P90X launched, Beachbody super trainer, Tony Horton, created P90X3. Both programs focus on muscle confusion to keep your body guessing and get you maximum results in less time, but P90X3 is the ultimate excuse-buster because it’s only 30 minutes a day!

How many P90X DVDs are there?

P90X is a set of 12 high-intensity DVD workouts that you do over the course of 90 days. You’ve probably seen the infomercials about it on TV. You’ll commit to working out 6-7 days per week, for 1-1.5 hours at a time. The DVDs keep you moving from exercise to exercise, like circuit training.

How do I use P90X worksheets?

How to Use the P90x Worksheets

  1. Select the worksheet for the workout that you are doing.
  2. Write the date and what week of the program you’re on at the top of the first empty column.
  3. Write the number of reps that you do for each of the listed exercises in the same column, beside the name of the exercise.

Is there a new version of P90X?

The creator of P90X has just released the third edition of his hit video exercise series, and the new set marks a major improvement on both its predecessors, solid as they are. For one thing, P90X3 ($120, beachbody.com) is vastly more manageable time-wise.

What is P90X Kenpo like?

Kenpo X is included in P90X as a high-intensity cardiovascular workout. With its fast-paced punching and kicking combinations, Kenpo X burns calories and improves balance, endurance, flexibility and coordination.

Does anyone still do P90X?

Yes, P90X is still very effective in 2022. The program includes lifting heavy weights, cardio, and HIIT (high intensity interval training) to help you see results quickly.