What nationality is the last name little?

What nationality is the last name little?

Little (surname)

Language(s) English
Language(s) Old English (OE), Middle English (ME)
Word/name lȳtel (OE), littel (ME)
Meaning “little”

Is little a Scottish surname?

Clan Little is a Scottish clan of the Borders. The clan does not currently have a chief and is therefore considered an armigerous clan.

What is the oldest family bloodline in the world?

The longest family tree in the world is that of the Chinese philosopher and educator Confucius (551–479 BC), who is descended from King Tang (1675–1646 BC). The tree spans more than 80 generations from him and includes more than 2 million members.

Where does the name Lytle come from?

Last name: Lytle This is one of the oldest of English surnames and is of Anglo-Saxon origin, from a nickname for a man of small stature. The derivation is from the Olde English pre 7th Century word “lytel”, originally a diminutive of “lyt”, meaning light and the Middle English “littel”, meaning “small, slight, little”.

What ethnicity is the last name Lytle?

English, Scottish, and Irish (chiefly northern Ireland): variant of Little.

How common is the last name Lytle?

In the United States, the name Lytle is the 2,476th most popular surname with an estimated 12,435 people with that name.

What does little dark one mean in Irish?

Ciarán (Irish spelling) or Ciaran (Scottish Gaelic spelling) is a traditionally male given name of Irish origin. It means “little dark one” or “little dark-haired one”, produced by appending a diminutive suffix to ciar (“black”, “dark”).

What female name means small?

154 Baby Girl Names That Mean Small

Cordette A small, little, tiny heart Latin
Cosette Something that is small, tiny and little French
Daelyn A very small valley English
Dalena Small valley English