What meat is Pastourma?

What meat is Pastourma?

Pastirma or basturma, also called pastarma, pastourma, basdirma, or basterma, is a highly seasoned, air-dried cured beef that is found in the cuisines of Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Egypt, and Greece, Iraq and North Macedonia.

What is Cypriot Pastourma?

Description. Our traditional Cypriot pastourma are a spicy sausage made with an old family recipe from the village in the hills of Cyprus. They’re made in-house on the premises by our skilled butchers. Pop them on the BBQ and finish them off with a squeeze of fresh lemon.

What is Basturma sausage?

Basturma is highly seasoned with spices like cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves. Additionally, it has a strong garlic flavor, and a bit of a spicy kick from the cayenne pepper. It’s important to mention that the Iraqi Basturma I remember from my childhood is different from Armenian Basturma.

How is Pastourma made?

Pastourma is a cured meat made from different cuts of beef, lamb or goat (in some cultures it’s made from camel or water buffalo meat) and is seasoned with the distinctive fenugreek spice….

  • At one edge of a pastourma slice, top with one slice of a bell pepper and kasseri cheese.
  • Repeat until all the pastourma is gone.

Is pastrami same as Pastirma?

The concept with a slightly modified name was brought to this country by Jews from Rumania (once a Turkish province). The taste of the Turkish pastirma is entirely different from pastrami.

How do you serve Pastirma?

Pastirma is sliced thinly and often grilled, eaten with sourdough breads, fried with eggs and tomatoes, or diced to be added to a popular bean stew.

What is Greek sausage made of?


Loukaniko Lemonato
Type Sausage
Place of origin Greece
Main ingredients Pork or lamb
Ingredients generally used Orange peel, fennel seed, and various other dried herbs and seeds

What cut of meat is basturma?

eye of round
Basturma needs to be made with a lean yet tender beef cut. Many recommend eye of round or beef tenderloin.

Why does basturma make you smell?

Intact fenugreek seed has no smell until it’s crushed like garlic; when the two are combined, it is a double barreled shot of a distinct odor that smells even from a distance. The chemical substance enters the human system and announces its presence in breath, sweat, and digestive waste, sometimes for days.

Is Pastirma the same as pastrami?

Is Pastirma cooked?

Making pastirma is a bit of a labor of love though and requires a lot of patience, as fellow blogger Peter Minaki of Kalofagas explains. Pastirma is prepared by salting the meat, then washing it with water and letting it dry for 15 days.