What items should a Sniper have in Dota 2?

What items should a Sniper have in Dota 2?


  • Iron Branch improves Sniper’s early stats, and can be built into a Magic Wand later on.
  • Slippers of Agility helps with Sniper’s naturally low base damage, allowing him to last hit better.
  • Faerie Fire helps Sniper score last hits.
  • Tango helps Sniper stay in lane.

What is the item of Sniper?


Item Matches Played Win Rate
Paladin Sword 255,247 54.22%
Eye of Skadi 246,319 64.94%
Mind Breaker 240,253 55.40%
Boots of Travel 222,805 65.05%

What counters Sniper in Dota 2?


  • Axe can easily close the distance to Sniper with either Blink Dagger or. Shadow Blade.
  • With Berserker’s Call in combination with Counter Helix and Battle Hunger, Axe can make short work of Sniper, finishing him off easily with. Culling Blade due to his low HP & high attack speed in the late game.

What role is Sniper Dota 2?

+1 main attack damage/point. +12MP and +0.05MP regeneration/point. talent bonuses. Kardel Sharpeye, the Sniper, is a ranged agility hero who excels at dealing moderate to heavy damage from an incredible range.

Who was the deadliest Sniper?

Simo Häyhä

Simo Häyhä
Nickname(s) “Simuna” (personal) “The White Death”, “Magic Shooter” or “Taika-Ampuja” (actual sniper nicknames)
Born 17 December 1905 Rautjärvi, Viipuri Province, Grand Duchy of Finland, Russian Empire
Died 1 April 2002 (aged 96) Hamina, Finland
Buried Ruokolahti Church Graveyard61.284678°N 28.829907°E

What class is a Sniper?

The Sniper is one of the of two advanced class of the Imperial Agent; the other is the Operative.