What is Ward 2a Whiston Hospital?

What is Ward 2a Whiston Hospital?

Ward name – 2a. CHPPD – Registered Nurses and Midwives. 3.67. CHPPD – Healthcare Support Workers. 2.16.

What is Ward 5C at Whiston Hospital?

5C is the ‘Acute’ area of the unit and has 16 beds (8 Hyper Acute and 8 Acute). When you are transferred from the A&E Department, you will go into a bed in the Hyper Acute bay. This is an area where your condition will be monitored for up to 24 hours.

What is Ward 2c Whiston Hospital?

Ward name – 2c. CHPPD – Registered Nurses and Midwives.

What is Ward 3C Whiston Hospital?

Ward 3C (Trauma & Orthopaedics) 3 3C.

What is Ward 1c Whiston Hospital?

Ward name – 1c. CHPPD – Registered Nurses and Midwives. 4.65. CHPPD – Healthcare Support Workers.

What time can you get your bloods done at Whiston Hospital?

Opening hours: Mon – Fri 08:45 – 17:00.

What is Ward 1B Whiston Hospital?

Ward 1B is the medical assessment unit and Ward 3 Alpha is a dedicated ward for the treatment of hip fractures.

How old is Whiston Hospital?

The original Whiston Hospital was built in 1843, to provide an “institution and workhouse to house the sick and destitute of the surrounding area”.

What does Whiston Hospital provide?

At Whiston Hospital you can expect: The very latest diagnostic facilities. Ultra-modern operating theatres. Purpose designed wards and departments. Single room accommodation with en-suite facilities.

What Ward is 1D in Whiston Hospital?

Cardiology services at this Hospital

Ward name Friends and Family Score for January ‘
1D 100%
1E 86%

What is Ward 1B in Whiston Hospital?

You have been given this leaflet to explain what you should expect once you are referred by your GP to the Acute Medical Unit, located in Ward 1B, Whiston Hospital, which incorporates the GP Assessment Unit and Ambulatory Emergency Care.

How many wards does Whiston Hospital have?

We have 32 wards located in our hospitals.