What is Valparaiso Indiana known for?

What is Valparaiso Indiana known for?

Valparaiso is widely known as the home of Valparaiso University and its magnificent chapel. One of its noted citizens, the late Orville Redenbacher, is honored each year on the first Saturday after Labor Day by the city’s annual Popcorn Festival.

What is the highest point in Porter county Indiana?

Elevation: 870 feet, 265 meters

Elevation Info: NAVD88 Elevation: 870 ft / 265 m
Country United States
State/Province Indiana
County/Second Level Region Porter (Highest Point)
City/Town Jackson

How did Porter county Indiana get its name?

In 1837 the county was organized. It was named for Capt. David Porter, naval officer during the Barbary Wars and the War of 1812.

What is unincorporated Porter county Indiana?

Unincorporated means those areas outside of the municipal boundaries of our cities and towns.

Is Valparaiso a good place to live?

Valparaiso is one of the safest places to live in Indiana. Safewise.com ranked Valparaiso as the 11th Safest City in Indiana in 2020. This makes Valparaiso one of the safest cities or towns in Indiana. Valparaiso’s violent crime rate is far below both the national and state average.

Is Valparaiso a suburb of Chicago?

Valparaiso is a suburb of Chicago with a population of 33,355. Valparaiso is in Porter County and is one of the best places to live in Indiana.

What township is Valparaiso in?

Porter CountyValparaiso / County

How big is Porter County Indiana?

522 mi²Porter County / Area

What Indians lived in Valparaiso Indiana?

The site of the present City of Valparaiso was included in purchase of the land from the Potawatomi Indians by the U.S. Government in October 1832.

What district is Jasper County in?

Jasper County is part of Indiana’s 4th congressional district.