What is the synonym of cursing?

What is the synonym of cursing?

bane, expletive, obscenity, profanity, whammy, burden, calamity, disaster, evil, jinx, scourge, cuss, anathema, ban, blaspheming, blasphemy, commination, cursing, damning, denunciation.

What is the word for speaking gibberish?

1 nonsense, foolishness, babble, gabble, drivel, gobbledegook.

What is the word fabled mean?

Definition of fabled 1 : fictitious. 2 : told or celebrated in fables. 3 : renowned, famous the team’s fabled coach.

What is another for fable?

moral tale, parable, apologue, allegory, bestiary. 2’the fables of ancient Greece’ myth, legend, saga, epic, folk tale, folk story, traditional story, tale, story, fairy tale, narrative, romance. folklore, lore, mythology, fantasy, oral history, tradition, folk tradition, old wives’ tales. technical mythos, mythus.

What is litany synonym?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for litany. enumeration, recital, recitation.

What is another way to say bad words?

Synonyms of swearword

  • curse,
  • cuss,
  • cussword,
  • dirty word,
  • expletive,
  • four-letter word,
  • obscenity,
  • profanity,

What do you call a person that curses a lot?

Coprolalia is a medical term meaning “the obsessive, excessive, and/or involuntary use of obscene language, including scatological words.” This language can also include socially inappropriate and insulting utterances, even if they do not contain curse words (e.g., due to her coprolalia, she sometimes involuntarily …

What does threw mean?

Threw is the past tense of the verb throw. It’s the word you use to say that something threw you for a loop or threw you off. Through is an adverb and a preposition. It’s used to say that you entered on one side of something and exited on the other.

What is fable example?

The moral of a fable—an overarching rule to live by that transcends the specifics of the story—is usually stated at the end. For example, in the fable of the wolf and the sheep, a wolf in sheep’s clothing is able to infiltrate the sheep’s pasture without raising any alarm, and easily make a meal out of the sheep.