What is the storyline behind Saw?

What is the storyline behind Saw?

The film tells a nonlinear narrative, revolving around the mystery of the Jigsaw Killer, who tests his victims’ will to live by putting them through deadly “games” where they must inflict great physical pain upon themselves to survive.

Who is the producer of the Saw movies?

Gregg Hoffman
Oren KoulesMark Burg

What is the concept of Saw?

: a hand or power tool or a machine used to cut hard material (such as wood, metal, or bone) and equipped usually with a toothed blade or disk.

Does Jeff find his daughter in Saw?

In the saw 3 ending it’s said that he was supposed to play another game to get his daughter back, but dies right after in Saw 4. He never had a chance to play, and Hoffman saved his daughter.

Was Saw based on a true story?

Saw’s Jigsaw Killer Was Inspired By A Real-Life Event Leigh Whannell, writer for the first three horror films in the Saw franchise (and Adam in the first film), got the idea for John Kramer’s character from a real-life experience at the hospital.

Did James Wan directed Saw?

Wan directed Saw (2004) and co-wrote Saw III (2006). Meanwhile, he and Whannell have predominately served as executive producers to the sequels Saw II, Saw III, Saw IV, Saw V, Saw VI, Saw 3D, Jigsaw, and Spiral.

How does the Saw series end?

In the film’s final moments, Agent Strahm (Scott Patterson) walks into the final shootout at the end of Saw III and kills Jeff after letting the carnage play out leaving Lynn, Amanda, and Jigsaw all dead.

Who is the highest grossing director of all time?

Steven Spielberg

Rank Name Total worldwide box office
1 Steven Spielberg $10,606,851,698
2 Russo brothers $6,842,882,738
3 Peter Jackson $6,533,891,430
4 Michael Bay $6,443,668,115