What is the spiritual purpose of the ninth step?

What is the spiritual purpose of the ninth step?

Many believe the main Spiritual Principle behind Step Nine is Justice. It is in this Step where we make right the wrongs we have done. By the time we’ve reached this Step, we are ready to make our amends.

What does Step 9 mean?

What Is Step 9? Step 9 begins: “Make direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.”

How do you do the 9th Step amends?

What Does Making Amends Mean?

  1. Make a list of the harm or damage you have caused.
  2. Be willing to repair it.
  3. Admit you’re wrongdoings.
  4. Figure out the best way to repair the damage.
  5. Be patient about gaining the other person’s trust back.

What to say when making amends?

Acknowledge what you have done and how you have hurt the person. Don’t just apologize— saying “I’m sorry” is not enough. The situation will only improve if you are sincere in your efforts. Ask the person what you can do to remedy the situation and what would need to happen for them to feel better.

What are the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous?

The 12th Step states: “Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.” Alcoholics Anonymous Cleveland explains that the principles we are suggested to adhere to coincide with the steps: Hope, faith.

What are indirect amends?

An indirect amend refers more to the thoughts and attitudes behind the behavior. You can make a direct amend to someone, such as repaying them for the money you stole and then follow it up with an indirect amend, such as modifying your attitude and not asking for or expecting your loved one to give you money.

How do you make amends with someone you love?

You just need to show true remorse for what you’ve done.

  1. Lower Your Pride.
  2. Avoid Making Excuses.
  3. Listen to Their Side of the Story.
  4. Put Yourself in the Other Person’s Shoes.
  5. Ask How You Can Make Things Right.
  6. Give The Other Person Time and Space to Process Your Apology.
  7. Give Them Time to Heal.
  8. Keep to Your Purpose.

How do I amend my relationship?

How do you make up for hurting someone?

How to Apologize When You’ve Hurt Someone

  1. Listen closely before rushing to apologize.
  2. Prepare your apology in advance when possible.
  3. Be specific and detailed in your apology.
  4. Try not to turn your apology into a debate.
  5. Remember that actions speak louder than (apologetic) words.
  6. Be patient after you apologize.

What do you do when you wronged someone?

How to Actually Forgive Yourself

  1. Remember that it’s okay to feel guilty.
  2. But, understand the difference between guilt and shame.
  3. Admit you messed up.
  4. Apologize to anyone you may have hurt.
  5. Write yourself an apology.
  6. Take care of yourself, mentally and physically.
  7. Be patient.
  8. Don’t try to change other people.

Where are the 12 principles of AA in the big book?

The 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous The Steps are listed beginning on Page 59 of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. We admitted we were powerless over alcohol – that our lives had become unmanageable.