What is the sign for South?

What is the sign for South?

The sign for south is generally done by holding an “S” hand in front of you and then moving the hand downward. Some people sign “south” with the orientation of their “S” palm down. Memory tip: When you look at a map, south tends to be toward the bottom.

What is the ASL sign for states?

STATE: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for “state” To sign “state” as in, “the U.S. has 50 states,” touch the side of an “S” hand to your left palm and then use a small arc to move the “S” hand to the lower part of palm.

What is ASL for Texas?

To do the sign for “Texas,” do an “X” hand on your dominant hand and move it to the right (if you are right handed, or left if you are left handed) and down. It is sort of like drawing a “7” in the air using an “X” hand.

How do you sign Hawaii in ASL?

The sign for “Hawaii” has a couple of main versions. One of the more popular and traditional versions is done by drawing a circle around your face with an “H” hand. This likely has to do with the concept that Hawaii is a beautiful place.

How do you sign Houston in ASL?

To sign “Houston” tap the side of your chin twice with a “U” handshape. (Which also happens to be an “H” handshape eh?)

How do you sign Colorado in ASL?

In this version of the sign, you start with a “C” handshape on your upper arm and you make a couple of arcs as you move down the arm with your “C” hand.

What is California in ASL?

CALIFORNIA: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for “California” The sign for gold starts with a loose index-finger handshape pointing at the earlobe and then you shake a “Y” handshape.

What is Arizona in ASL?

ARIZONA: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for “Arizona” To do the sign for “Arizona,” touch the thumb of your dominant “A” hand to one side and then the other side of the chin. Since I’m right handed I start on the right side of my chin. Note: You don’t have to touch the chin.

What is the ASL sign for Sunday?

To sign Sunday, hold up both flat hands in the air and rotate them in unison but clockwise and counter-clockwise such that they look like mirror images of each other, with palms facing out. This sign mimics the act of raising your hands as you sing praise and worship songs in a congregation.