What is the rarest He-Man figure?

What is the rarest He-Man figure?

The rarest play set in the He-Man enterprise is Eternia. The play set includes Castle Eternia, Viper Tower, and Grayskull Tower, linked together by a monorail. It is extremely rare to find the play set intact and even rarer to find a set complete with the box.

What is my He-Man figure worth?

Toys that were gently played with can command prices ranging from $10 to $25 dollars a-piece. Larger items, like the playsets that were made by Mattel to recreate the otherworldly environs in which He-Man and his fellow Masters lived, logically command a bit more.

Are He-Man toys worth money?

On January first of 2021, Mattel will release the Masters of the Universe Origins toy line to all retailers that want to carry it. So no, He-Man Origins toys are not worth money.

How much is the original Skeletor?

Skeletor (The Original) – Original – $1,450.00.

What is Snake Mountain worth?

Masters of the Universe Snake Mountain Price Guide

Type Average Price Qty Sold
Opened, Complete USD 234.00 5
No Package, Complete USD 146.77 35
Figure Only/Incomplete USD 20.00 6

What are the most expensive action figures?

Here’s a better look at some of the most expensive action figures available.

  • 11 Blue Wasp: ($2,000)
  • 12 Marvelmania Ghost Rider: ($2,000-$2,595)
  • 13 Technodrome: ($2,000-$3,000)
  • 14 Laser Power He-Man and Laser Light Skeletor: ($2,000-$2,500)
  • 15 Tytus: ($2,000+)
  • 16 Megator: ($2,000+)
  • 17 Rocket-Firing Boba Fett: ($1,500)

What is the most popular action figure?

G.I. Joe This is the most famous action figure of all-time, and with good reason. The G.I. Joe started it all as the very first action figure, debuting with many different styles and accessories.

Is ACTION Man still made?

1984 – Action Man is discontinued. 1996 – New range of fantasy-style Action Man appears, with no connection to real military. 2006 – Production of familiar figures ceased. Action Man brand name is currently attached to Hasbro’s ‘ATOM’ range – smaller plastic fantasy figures, with no visible sign of Action Man pedigree.