What is the rank of police inspector?

What is the rank of police inspector?


PNP Ranks AFP Ranks
Chief Inspector Major
Senior Inspector Captain
Inspector 1st and 2nd Lieutenant
Police Non-Commissioned Officers Non-Commissioned Officers

Is inspector a senior rank?

It is usually immediately below the rank of superintendent. Depending on the police force, an inspector may be considered senior management.

Which is the most senior police rank?

Inspector General of Police (IGP) The Inspector General is the highest rank in Police. An IGP is a PPO who is in control of the provincial and administrative police forces. This position is a three-star appointment with a civil service grade of BPS 21 or 22. The IGP police salary is Rs.

What is the highest police position?

The chief of police
The chief of police is the department’s highest-ranking officer. The chief of police manages the police department and is responsible for maintaining efficient operations within the department.

Who is bigger inspector or sub-inspector?

A sub-inspector ranks above an assistant sub-inspector of police (ASI) and below an inspector. Most sub-inspectors are directly recruited into the police and have better educational qualifications than lower-ranking police officers.

Who is bigger inspector or sub inspector?

What are the ranks in CID?

Ranks are abbreviated as follows:

  • Detective Constable (DC or Det Con)
  • Detective Sergeant (DS or Det Sgt)
  • Detective Inspector (DI or Det Insp)
  • Detective Chief Inspector (DCI or Det Ch Insp)
  • Detective Superintendent (DSU or Det Supt)
  • Detective Chief Superintendent (DCS or Det Ch Supt)

Who is senior DSP or ASP?

Answer. ASP – Assistant Superintend of Police is the entry level posting for an IPS officer. DSP – Deputy Superintend of Police is a rank reached by police officers who join the state police cadre. Generally they join the police force as Sub Inspector, then get promoted to Inspectors and then become DSPs..

Is ASI an officer?

In the police forces of India, an Assistant of sub-inspector (ASI) is a non-gazetted police officer ranking above a police head constable and below a Sub-inspector. The rank insignia for an ASI is one star, with a red and blue striped ribbon at the outer edge of the shoulder straps.

What is the first rank in police?

Director General of Police
Police Ranks and Badges.

Sl No Rank
1 Director General of Police
2 Addl. Director General of Police
3 Inspector General of Police
4 Deputy Inspector General of Police

What is the rank of 3 star in police?

In India, Director General of Police (DGP) is a three-star rank police officer.