What is the purpose of Toshiko Takaezu artwork?

What is the purpose of Toshiko Takaezu artwork?

Takaezu was instrumental in the post-war reconceptualization of ceramics from the functional craft tradition to the realm of fine art. Her signature “closed form” merged the base form with glazed surface painting to create a unified work.

Where did Toshiko Takaezu go to college?

Toshiko Takaezu
Born June 17, 1922 Pepeekeo, Hawaii, U.S.
Died March 9, 2011 (aged 88) Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.
Education Honolulu Museum of Art School, University of Hawaii, Cranbrook Academy of Art
Occupation ceramist, painter, sculptor, educator

Where is Toshiko Takaezu from?

Pepeekeo, HIToshiko Takaezu / Place of birthPepeekeo is a census-designated place in Hawaii County, Hawaii, United States. The population was 1,789 at the 2010 census, up from 1,697 at the 2000 census. Wikipedia

When was Toshiko Takaezu born?

June 17, 1922Toshiko Takaezu / Date of birth

What materials does Toshiko Takaezu use?

While Toshiko has experimented with wood fires and ash glazes, her general approach to glazing also draws from the tea aesthetic. In Black Moon, the tantalizingly palpable glazed surface is a marriage of the forces of the artist and the kiln.

How did Bernard Leach create his work?

He learnt throwing, brushwork decoration in the ancient style and different firing methods. He then set up a pottery in his garden and started to produce work to exhibit. In 1913 his second son William Michael was born. Leach had successful exhibitions in 1914 and published his first booklet, A Review 1909-1914.

How did Ruth Duckworth work?

Instead, she moved to London where she went to art school and studied sculpture. She remained there during WWII and worked as a tombstone carver, a nod to the tumultuous times she lived in. After the war, Duckworth continued to explore sculpture and adopted ceramic as her primary medium.

What type of clay did Toshiko Takaezu use?

black clay
When she trained at the Cranbrook Academy of Art, she took some of the black clay from her native Hawaii with her. For Toshiko, the clay “is alive and even when it is dry, it is still breathing! The whole process is an interplay between the clay and [herself] and often the clay has much to say.”

What Clay did Toshiko Takaezu use?

What was Bernard Leach’s inspiration?

At 21 he inherited a modest income so enrolled at The London School of Art in Kensington where he was taught etching by Frank Brangwyn who was an inspiration to Leach.

What was Bernard Leach known for?

Bernard Howell Leach (5 January 1887 – 6 May 1979), was a British studio potter and art teacher. He is regarded as the “Father of British studio pottery”.