What is the principle of shared governance?

What is the principle of shared governance?

Shared Governance is the transparent process by which the University community (i.e., faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, and students) influences decisions on matters of policy and procedure, and/or to present alternatives on such matters.

What does faculty governance mean?

Governance: government (synonyms: administration, authority, government, jurisdiction, rule) It means that faculty, staff, and students not only have a voice, but a vote in the decision-making process about matters concerning them.

What is shared governance at a university?

By definition, shared governance in higher education refers to the processes and structures that governing boards, faculty, professional staff, and administration use to develop policies and make decisions that affect the institution. It’s also common for colleges and universities to invite input from their students.

Why is shared governance important in higher education?

Shared governance is a central value of integral leadership that requires continued hard work, open communication, trust, and respect. The faculty has the central role in setting academic policy, and the board should hold faculty leaders responsible for ensuring academic quality.

Why shared governance is important?

Shared governance increases nurse engagement, improves patient outcomes and allows hospital administrators to optimize efficiency, increase nurse retention and promote quality care, a study in The Journal of Nursing Administration found.

What does academic governance mean?

The term ‘academic governance’ refers to how the academic matters of the institution are governed. Typically, academic governance will cover matters such as student admissions, academic standards and academic quality. By contrast ‘Corporate governance’ is normally describes areas such as finance and estates.

What is campus governance?

Campus governance is the name for the rules and methods these campuses rely on to work together.

What is good governance in higher education?

Good Governance Assures the Quality of Decision-Making “Sustainability starts and finishes with governance. A university cannot flourish without adherence to its principles. Good governance informs and facilitates decision-making which, in turn, enables a university to grow and prosper.