What is the price of Titan edge in India?

What is the price of Titan edge in India?

Rs. 9995
Usher Beacon Price List

Usher Beacon PRICE (RS)
Titan Edge Men Grey Analogue watch 1595WL09 Rs. 9995
Titan Edge Men Black Analogue watch 1595NL03 Rs. 9995
Titan Edge Men White Dial Watch NH1043SL01A Rs. 9995
Titan Edge Men White Analogue watch NL679YL01 Rs. 9995

Is Titan edge waterproof?

The Titan Edge is unique because its movements are 1.15 mm slim. They are water-resistant up to 30 metres and have a battery life, double the life of an ordinary battery.

Which is the world’s slimmest watch?

With a height of 2.00 mm, the Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Concept is today the thinnest mechanical watch in the world.

What is the price of Titan wrist watch?

Best Titan Watches for Men and Women with price list

Titan watches For Men with price list Price
Round Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch – NK1595NL01 11995
Round Analog White Dial Men’s Watch – NK1595WL01 11995
Round Analog Blue Dial Men’s Watch – NK1698SM02 4995
Edge Ceramic – Slimmest Ceramic Analog Watch – 1696NC01 25995

Is Titan edge mechanical?

So, we took our favourites, Titan Edge & the mechanical movement to design India’s only Sub-6.0 mm limited edition mechanical watch. Just for you. Over time we learnt to blur the lines between engineering and art. Here we are again, with the slimmest mechanical watch in India.

What is the price of Titan watches in India?

Titan Men Watches Price List on March, 2022

Titan Men Watches Latest Price
Men Silver-Toned Dial Watch 1638SM01 Rs. 1,995
1647ym02 Men Watch Rs. 1,895
Octane Chronograph Black Dial Men’s Watch – 9322WL02 Rs. 6,495
Karishma Analog White Dial Men’s Watch – 1636YM01 Rs. 2,545

Who is the owner of Titan?

Tata Group
Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation
Titan Company/Parent organizations

Is Titan a Tata brand?

Titan Company is one of India’s prominent lifestyle companies. It is a leading player in the Jewellery, Watches and Eyewear categories with several successful brands. It is the fifth largest integrated own brand watch manufacturer in the world….Live Stock Data.

No Titan Company Limited Feed
2 NSE Price 2521.95 ( -0.66%)

Who invented Titan watch?

Xerxes Desai
Titan Company

Logo of Titan Company
Type Public
Founded 1984
Founder Xerxes Desai
Headquarters Bangalore, Karnataka , India

Is Titan an Indian brand?

Titan Company Limited is an Indian luxury products company that mainly manufactures fashion accessories such as jewellery, watches and eyewear.