What is the opposite word of lavish?

What is the opposite word of lavish?

Antonyms for lavish insufficient, mean, economical, lacking, reasonable, depressed, wanting, saving, scarce, austere, thrifty, destitute, scanty, spare, moderate, poor, sparse, stingy, barren, small.

What is sanguine color?

Sanguine (/ˈsæŋɡwɪn/) or red chalk is chalk of a reddish-brown colour, so called because it resembles the colour of dried blood. The word comes via French from the Italian sanguigna and originally from the Latin “sanguis”.

How do you use sanguine?

Sanguine sentence example

  1. These sanguine expectations were not fully realized.
  2. Rostopchin, though he had patriotic sentiments, was a sanguine and impulsive man who had always moved in the highest administrative circles and had no understanding at all of the people he supposed himself to be guiding.

What is opposite word of cow?

Antonyms for cow comfort, gladden, calm, incite, please, encourage, inspirit, embolden, help, soothe, hearten.

What is the name of Carl Jung’s theory?


What are synonyms for lavish?

other words for lavish

  • bountiful.
  • excessive.
  • generous.
  • gorgeous.
  • lush.
  • posh.
  • sumptuous.
  • wasteful.

What is the opposite meaning of lavish?

Antonyms: poor, stingy, ungenerous. Synonyms: lucullan, luxuriant, plushy, lush, too-generous, riotous, profuse, munificent, overgenerous, unsparing, plush, plush-like, unstinted, exuberant, unstinting, succulent. lavish, shower(verb)

What did Carl Jung call the contents of the personal unconscious?

Contents of the personal unconscious are called complexes: personal emotionally toned groups of related ideas. Although the primary focus is placed on the unconscious, **Jung used personal experience to round out the total personality***.

Whats the opposite of superior?

What is the opposite of superior?

humble deferential
unassertive unassuming
unpretentious bashful
diffident retiring
sheepish shy

What is personality according to Jung?

Jung began his explanation of personality by stating four functions first. When mixed with one of two attitudes, these functions formed eight personality types. The four functions included feeling, thinking, sensation, and intuition. Feeling is the persons ability to understand objects.