What is the odor threshold for mercaptan?

What is the odor threshold for mercaptan?

An odor threshold of 0.002 ppm has been reported for methyl mercaptan, but olfactory fatigue may occur and thus, it may not provide adequate warning of hazardous concentrations. Vapors of liquified methyl mercaptan gas are heavier than air and spread along the ground.

What is the smell of ethyl mercaptan?

Ethyl Mercaptan is a colorless or yellowish liquid or a gas with a pungent, garlic or skunk-like odor. It is used as an additive to odorless gases like butane, propane, and petroleum to give them a warning odor.

Does mercaptan contain H2S?

Natural gas includes H2S, CO2, and other sulfur components such as mercaptans.

What is the formula of ethyl mercaptan?

C₂H₆SEthanethiol / Formula

What is the density of ethyl mercaptan?

862 kg/m³Ethanethiol / Density

What is the meaning of ethyl mercaptan?

Definition of ethyl mercaptan : a colorless flammable volatile liquid compound C2H5SH of disagreeable odor used as a warning agent in fuel-gas systems; ethane-thiol.

Is ethyl mercaptan a VOC?

Results showed that short-term averages of three odorous VOCs, namely ethyl mercaptan, methyl mercaptan and hydrogen sulfide, exceeded their odor thresholds, which are reported to be 0.022, 0.138 and 11.1 microg/m(3), respectively, at several points within the domain.

How much mercaptan is added to propane?

LPG is normally odorized with 1.5 lb of ethyl mercaptan per 10,000 gallons of liquid LP gas. This amounts to 25.14 parts per million (ppm) of EM in liquid propane.

How do you neutralize ethyl mercaptan?

Oxidation is the only method that completely eliminates mercaptan odors. Precipitation technology may adsorb some mercaptans, but may readily release the adsorbed molecules. Removal of sulfide by precipitation often allows the odor from mercaptans to be more apparent and equally offensive.