What is the narrowest water tank?

What is the narrowest water tank?

1000 Litre ThinTank Slimline
1000 Litre ThinTank Slimline Designed for easy installation & space saving, ThinTanks Slimline Rainwater Tanks are the thinnest available water tank for any capacity.

What is the largest slimline tank?

What is the biggest Slimline Water Tank? Currently the biggest Slimline Water Tank is 1150mm wide, by 2350mm high by 3400mm long and this Slimline Water Tank will hold over 8,523 litres of water.

What is a slimline water tank?

Slimline water tanks are suitable for placing against a wall, under a window or in a narrow space. Our slimline tanks range in size from 1,000 litres to 5,000 litres and come in a variety of low, standard, super slim and tall dimensions. Slimline water tanks are made to order according to your desired size and colour.

What size is a 3000 Litre water tank?

ES3000 – Enviro Slim 3,000 litres Inlet Height 196cm. Length 279cm. Width 72cm. Weight 125kgs.

What are the sizes of water tank?

Tank Size Chart 1000 Litres to 10,000 Litres

Gallons Litres Internal Height
600 2727 1220
660 3000 2000
660 3000 1500
660 3000 1000

How much is water tank in Kenya?

Prices of the standard cylindrical water tanks in Kenya as of 2021

Capacity (in Liters) Price (in Ksh)
3000-4000 27,600-42,550
4000-5000 42,500-51,800
6000 59,900
8000 83,200

How much is a 5000 Litre slimline water tank?

The average price for a 5000 Litre tank is $1350 – $1450.

How wide are slimline water tanks?

550mm – 1150mm
Made to Measure Information

Height 580mm – 2470mm
Width 550mm – 1150mm
Length 1200mm – 4000mm
Min Size 600 litres
Max Size 10,000 litres

What is a squat tank?

The tank is made from Polyethylene, this is a tough and durable material. Fittings in the tank are either plastic or brass which means the tank is rust proof. Applications the tank is used for, static caravans, mobile window cleaning or the squat tank can be used for rainwater storage and a variety of other uses.