What is the meaning of zygoptera?

What is the meaning of zygoptera?

: a suborder of Odonata comprising forms that are distinguished from the typical dragonflies by a slenderer elongated body, by narrow equal wings held upright in repose, and by aquatic larvae that have a pair of paddle-shaped tracheal gills at the apex of the abdomen — see damselfly — compare anisoptera.

What is the meaning of anisoptera?

Definition of Anisoptera : a suborder of Odonata comprising the dragonflies that are larger stouter members of the order, hold the wings horizontally in repose, and have rectal gills during the naiad stage — compare zygoptera.

What family is a damselfly?

family Coenagrionidae
The insect family Coenagrionidae is placed in the order Odonata and the suborder Zygoptera. The Zygoptera are the damselflies, which although less known than the dragonflies, are no less common. More than 1,300 species are in this family, making it the largest damselfly family.

What order are damselflies?

OdonataDamselflies / OrderOdonata is an order of flying insects that includes the dragonflies and damselflies. Like most other flying insects, they evolved in the early Mesozoic era. Their prototypes, the giant dragonflies of the Carboniferous, 325 MYA, are no longer placed in the Odonata but included in the Protodonata or Meganisoptera. Wikipedia

What is a dragonfly classified as?

InsectsDragonfly / Class

What is the world’s smallest dragonfly?

Nannophya pygmaea is the smallest known dragonfly, mostly found in Southeast Asia and tropical parts of China. Previous records show that the body lengths of adults measured between 17 and 19 mm.

What do damselflies look like?

Adult damselflies have very slender, elongated abdomens, delicate bodies, and 2 pairs of wings that are typically held together over the body. The wings are membranous and elaborately veined. The hindwing is about the same size and shape as the forewing. The eyes are compound, large, but usually do not touch.

What do damselflies symbolize?

Dragonflies have been a symbol of purity, activity, and swiftness for some Native Americans. The indication of purity comes from both the pure water in healthy aquatic habitats where dragonflies thrive and from the fact that they eat their food right out of the wind.

What does Odonata look like?

Many characteristics distinguish Odonata from other groups of insects — minute antennae, extremely large eyes (filling most of the head), two pairs of transparent membranous wings with many small veins, a long slender abdomen, an aquatic larval stage (nymph) with posterior tracheal gills, and a prehensile labium ( …

Do Odonata have halteres?

This type of wings is found among the Odonata and Neuroptera. Halteres are an extreme modification among the order Diptera (true flies), in which the hind wings are reduced to mere nubs used for balance and direction during flight.

What is special about a dragonfly?

Dragonflies can hover in one place, fly extremely fast, and even fly backwards. They are some of the fastest flying insects in the world reaching speeds of over 30 miles per hour. Dragonflies come in a variety of colors including blue, green, yellow, and red. They are some of the most colorful insects on the planet.