What is the max speed of I2C?

What is the max speed of I2C?

Data on the I2C-bus can be transferred at rates of up to 100 kbit/s in the Standard-mode, up to 400 kbit/s in the Fast-mode, up to 1 Mbit/s in Fast-mode Plus, or up to 3.4 Mbit/s in the High-speed mode. The bus capacitance limits the number of interfaces connected to the bus.

What is fast mode I2C?

The I2C fast mode defines transfer rates up to 400 kbit/s whilst the first I2C specification dated 1982 had a limit of 100 kbit/s. To accomplish 400 kbit/s the timing requirement were defined more strictly. In May 2006 NXP, formerly Philips introduced Fast-mode Plus allowing up to 1 Mbit/s.

What is I2C standard?

Standard mode of I2C bus uses transfer rates up to 100 kbit/s and 7-bit addressing. Such I2C interface is used by many hundred I2C-compatible devices from many manufacturers since its introduction in the 80s. However, with the advance of the technology, needs for higher transfer rates and larger address space emerged.

Is I2C considered high speed?

The high-speed variant of the I2C bus allows communication up to 3.4 Mbit per second. Both, master and slave device must be highspeed-enabled in order to benefit from this increase.

How can I speed up my I2C?

How to speed up I2C writes

  1. Increase the I2C clock speed on the deckBus.
  2. Add an asynchronous I2C write function to i2cdev. h. If I understand correctly that the I2C driver uses interrupts when writing.
  3. Slow down the main loop – but this is obviously not ideal.

Why is I2C slow?

I2C: all lines are open-collector which means that the transmitter only drives the line low. When the transmitter releases the line, a resistor connected to Vcc (supply voltage) pulls the light high. However, due to capacitance of the wire and the components, the wire goes to high voltage relatively slowly.

Is I2C slow?

The simplicity of I2C, however, does not mean that it is without its challenges. I2C communication issues include slow rise times, cross- talk (more importantly, false edges on the SCL line), higher-than-intended low-level output voltages (VOL), and unintended contention and large undershoots.

How can I increase my I2C speed?

Pull-up Resistors and Rise-Time

  1. As a master device, a Promira platform of hardware version 1.7 and above has 2.2k ohms pull-up resistors.
  2. Using external 500 Ohm resistors connected in parallel may improve the speed; decreasing the rise-time of the signal affects the speed.

What is data validity in I2C?

In I2C, data should not change when the clock is high. But this does not apply to the START and STOP condition. So, any transitions happen when the clock is high is detected as either the START and STOP condition. Thus, the data is valid only when the clock is high.

What is SDA hold time?

Hold Time For Start Condition (tHD;STA): is the minimum time the data should be low before SCL goes low. It is measured as the time taken from 30% amplitude of SDA from a HIGH to LOW transition to 70% of the amplitude of SCL from a HIGH to LOW transition.