What is the main problem in Les Miserables?

What is the main problem in Les Miserables?

major conflict Valjean struggles to transform himself from a thief into an honest man; over the years he struggles to stay a step ahead of the zealous police officer Javert and tries to raise his adopted daughter, Cosette.

How old is Valjean when he dies?

aged 64
Jean Valjean is the protagonist of Les Misérables. The story depicts Valjean’s struggle to lead a normal life after serving in prison for 19 years. He learns honesty from Bishop Myriel and feels love after retrieving Cosette….

Jean Valjean
Died 1833 (aged 64)
Cause of Death Old age/Grief

How many versions of Les Miserables are there?

“Les Mis” On Screen The spine of a book cannot hold such an epic story, however, and it has been adapted into seven different notable films over the years, including in 1935 (winning Best Picture at the Oscars), 1952, 1982, 1998, and most recently in 2012, starring Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman.

How old is Cosette at the end of Les Miserables?

She is fourteen years old, and fresh out of the convent, so he pays little attention to her. After a few months, Marius notices her and sees that she has grown to be an extremely beautiful young woman.

What is the moral lesson of the story Les Misérables?

Moral Values in “Les Miserables.” Moral values in the novel “Les Miserables” are love and sincerity, forgiveness, Sacrifice, Justice/Injustice. Fantine earned less and less money from her sewing, and the Thenardiers demanded more and more money to look after Cosette.

Why was Fantine fired?

Fantine is fired by a meddlesome supervisor, Madame Victurnien, without the knowledge of the mayor, when she finds out that Fantine is an unwed mother. Fantine begins to work at home, earning twelve sous a day while Cosette’s lodging costs ten. Her overworking causes her to become sick with a cough and fever.

How old is Javert in Les Misérables?


Inspector Javert
Eye Color Blue
Hair color Dark
Born 1780
Died 1832 (aged 52)

What is the best Les Misérables movie?

Between 2012 and 1978, I’d give the leg up to the latter. The musical captures the scope and scale of the book better, but the non-musical focuses in more on Valjean and Javert and is all the better for it.