What is the main entrance of a hotel called?

What is the main entrance of a hotel called?

Portes-cochères are still found on such structures as major public buildings and hotels, providing covered access for visitors and guests arriving by motorized transport. Portes-cochères, which are for vehicle passage, are often confused with porticos, columned porches or entries for human traffic.

How to improve hotel entrance?

Tips for creating a high impact hotel entrance

  1. Plants. Adding some greenery or a pop of colour with plants goes a long way in transforming a hotel entrance.
  2. Shelter. Providing shelter for guests as they approach the entrance of your hotel is a must.
  3. Lighting.

What is hotel lobby?

A lobby is a room in a building used for entry from the outside.

What is the most ideal type of door for a hotel entrance?

Pivot Glass Doors: With hinges and pivots at the top and bottom, these are the most commonly used hotel doors. These doors have a simple push and pull function. That makes them convenient for your guest as they are already acquainted with such entryways.

What is a covered entry called?

3. The definition of a porte cochère is a large entrance way of a courtyard, or a porch or driveway cover. An example of a porte cochère is the covered area outside of a mansion’s entrance used to protect people leaving their cars and going inside during rain. noun.

What is the full form of Ihcl?

The Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL) is an Indian hospitality company that manages a portfolio of hotels, resorts, jungle safaris, palaces, spas and in-flight catering services.

What is hotel architecture?

Hotels are commercial establishments that provide short-term accommodation, meals, and other services for guests such as travellers and tourists.

What is the difference between foyer and lobby?

Lobby and foyer are generally only used for public buildings. The lobby is usually the common area between the doors of flats and their stairs or lift. The foyer is the much larger waiting area in a theatre or hotel.

What is hotel Frontoffice?

In the hotel industry, the front office specifically refers to the area where customers first arrive at the hotel. This area is also called the reception area.