What is the main animal in France?

What is the main animal in France?

the Gallic rooster
The Official National (State) Animal of France. The official animal of France is the Gallic rooster. The use of this animal actually stems in part from a linguistic accident. The Latin words for rooster and Gaul (the historical region of France in Roman times) were both the same: gallus.

What ecosystem does France have?

Ecosystems in metropolitan France Are distinguished on the territory of the European Union 6 major biogeographical zones: Atlantic, Continental, Mediterranean, Alpine, Boreal and Macaronesian.

What type of vegetation does France have?

France’s flora and fauna are as varied as its range of topography and climate. It has forests of oak and beech in the north and center, as well as pine, birch, poplar, and willow. The Massif Central has chestnut and beech; the subalpine zone, juniper and dwarf pine. In the south are pine forests and various oaks.

What is France’s fauna?

The fauna of France is relatively typical of western European countries. Among the larger mammals are red deer, roe deer, and wild boar, which are still hunted; the fallow deer is rather rare. In the high Alps are the rare chamoix and the reintroduced ibex.

What climate is in France?

temperate climate
France has a mostly temperate climate, although there are many regional differences. France generally enjoys cool winters and mild summers except along the Mediterranean where mild winters and hot summers are the norm.

What is the climate and vegetation in France?

Climate and weather in France The Mediterranean climate of south-eastern France is responsible for hot, dry summers, with rainfall from October to April (when the weather is damp but mild) and ample sunshine all year round (Provence, Côte d’Azur and Corsica).

What tree is most common in France?

The umbrella pine (photo above) might be the most distinctive tree, but the olive tree is the most typical for this Mediterranean country side….Trees of Provence.

Trees (English) Arbres (French)
Beech Hêtre
Birch Bouleau
Box Buis
Cedar – Atlas Cedar – Cedar of Lebanon Cèdre – Cèdre de l’Atlas – Cèdre du Liban

What kind of deer live in France?

Red deer, like their smaller cousins the Roe deer, are common in France (and much of Europe). In France there is a large amount of forested land, the natural habitat of the red deer, and several remote and rural areas have quite large populations.