What is the longest box truck available?

What is the longest box truck available?

The largest rental trucks offered by Enterprise are the 24 ft. and 26 ft. Box Trucks. According to Enterprise, the company’s largest truck – at 26 ft. – is capable of handling a five-plus room relocation.

What are the sizes of box trucks?

Box Trucks

800 sq ft 1–2 BR apt 15′ or 16′ box truck 10’x15′
1,000 sq ft 2 BR apt/home 15′ or 16′ box truck 10’x15′ or 10’x20′
1,200 sq ft 2–3 BR apt/home 15′, 16′, or 18′ box truck 10’x15′ or 10’x20′
1,600 sq ft 3 BR apt/home 20′, 22′, or 26′ box truck 10’x20′ or 10’x25′

What lengths do box trucks come in?

Box trucks are typically 10–26 ft (3.0–7.9 m) in length and can range from Class 3 to Class 7 (12,500 lb. to 33,000 lb. gross vehicle weight rating). They often have a garage door-like rear door that rolls up.

What is the biggest straight box truck?

There are no minimums or maximums at the federal level and size and weight are governed entirely by each state separately. However, the most common length restriction is a 40′ maximum length for straight trucks, and having a straight truck of this length is the most common.

How wide is a 16 foot box truck?

7’7″ wide
It has a cargo interior of 16′ long 7’7″ wide 6’6″ high, Floor Space 120 sq. ft.

How much weight can a 16 foot box truck hold?

16 Foot Box Truck Light-Duty Commercial Box Truck Rental If you need a commercial box truck for rent, or straight truck that’s a little larger than our 12 ft. truck, our Penske 16 foot box truck can handle a payload capacity up to 4,300 lbs.

Why rent a 16-foot box truck?

Our 16 ft. box trucks are ideal for moderate-sized deliveries. Every light-duty commercial rental truck comes equipped with an automatic transmission, air conditioning, AM/FM radio, AUX or USB input, power steering and dual-faced mirrors for better vision. Practical and versatile, our 16 ft. light-duty rental trucks are powerful yet fuel-efficient.

What are the dimensions of a rental box truck?

Rental Box Truck Features: Interior dimensions of up to 16 ft. long x up to 7 ft. 7 in. wide x up to 6 ft. 6 in. high Up to 12,500 lb. GVW Up to 120 sq. ft. of floor space

What are the features of a light duty box truck?

Our light-duty box trucks feature anti-lock brakes, two-person bucket seating, cargo tie rails, rear roll-up door, translucent roof and cargo lighting and up to 1,000 lb. capacity loading ramp. Our 16 ft. box trucks are ideal for moderate-sized deliveries.