What is the ISO code for English?

What is the ISO code for English?

Codes arranged alphabetically by alpha-3/ISO 639-2 Code

ISO 639-2 Code ISO 639-1 Code English name of Language
ang English, Old (ca.450-1100)
anp Angika
apa Apache languages
ara ar Arabic

What is English language code?

en – English, as shortest ISO 639 code. en-US – English as used in the United States (US is the ISO 3166‑1 country code for the United States)

What are country language codes?

ISO-3166 Country Codes

Country ISO-3166 Country Code

What language code is DK?

ISO Language Code Table

Code Name
da Danish
da-DK Danish (Denmark)
de German
de-AT German (Austria)

What language is DK?

DanishDenmark / Official languageDanish is a North Germanic language spoken by about six million people, principally in Denmark, Greenland, the Faroe Islands and in the region of Southern Schleswig in northern Germany, where it has minority language status. Wikipedia

What language is KO?

ISO 639-1 standard language codes

Language (Region) Code
Japanese ja
Korean ko
Korean (Johab) ko
Kurdish ku

What country is de en?

Nominatim/Country Codes

ISO 3166-1 country code Country name (English) Default BCP 47 language codes (usually from ISO 639-1, or ISO 639-3 otherwise)
DE Germany de
DJ Djibouti fr, ar, so, aa
DK Denmark da
DM Dominica en

Can Danes speak German?

BBC – Languages – Languages. Over 98% of the population speak Danish. German is recognised as an official regional language in the Nord-Schleswig region that borders Germany, where it is spoken by 23,000 people, about 0.4% of the 5.2m Danish population.