What is the engine and fuel in the poem?

What is the engine and fuel in the poem?

Engine refers to the chicks int nest. When goldfinch feeds them(fuel), the engine startsworking and naturally the machine too. So, tree is the machine. Inside it the baby chicks in the nest, the engine and the food for them is the fuel.

What is the engine referred in the poem?

What is the birds movement compared to what is the basis for the comparison?

Answer: The bird’s movement is compared to that of a lizard. Both are sleek, alert and abrupt. This is why, the comparison is very apt and convincing.

How was the tree in the end when the bird flew away?

Answer. The tree which was earlier silent has become active, noisy and full of life, as the goldfinch has come to feed her young ones. when the bird fly away than the tree was again silent and they have no movement .

Why does the poet refer to the engine?

The image of the engine is evoked by the poet as an engine is a source of providing energy which enables the machines to run. The energy of the bird has been compared with that of a machine as she is also a source of providing energy to her family.

What does it mean to compare contrast?

: to note what is similar and different about (two or more things) For our assignment we must compare and contrast the two poets.

Why is goldfinch referred to as the engine of her family?

The laburnum tree as well as the chicks were called the engine of the goldfinch’s family because the tree was like a machine which started up as the goldfinch alighted on the tree to feed its family. The noises made by the young ones of the bird were like that of a machine coming to life.

What is the purpose of a comparison?

The purpose of writing a comparison or contrast essay is not to state the obvious but rather to illuminate subtle differences or unexpected similarities between two subjects.

Who is referred to as the engine of her family?

What do you like most about the poem?

Answer. Laburnum top is one of the most powerful poems, here laburnum tree symbolizes the hardships of human life. I like its simplicity and the pictorial presentation of the poem, also the way the writer describes the wildlife, trees, birds and animals and their influence on human life is quite impressive.

What is the movement of the goldfinch compared to what is the basis for the comparison?

Answer: The movement of the goldfinch is compared to that of a lizard. The basis of the comparison is the sleek, alert and sudden movements of a lizard. The goldfinch makes similar kind of movements when it arrives on the Laburnum .

Why has the word engine been used in the poem?

a) Why has the word ‘engine’ been used to describe her family? The word ‘engine’ has been used to describe her family. The engine of the machine starts up and there is noise, movement and energy signifying the excitement at the arrival of mother.

What is meant by the phrase a machine starts up?

Answer. The poet creates the imagery of amachine starting up when the goldfinch arrives in the tree. The sudden noise and movements produced by the young ones are like the starting of a machine. The stoking of the engine is actually the act of feeding the young ones and imparting energy and life into them.

Why does the poet want us to keep quiet?

The poet wants us to keep quiet because this moment of quietness will give us the time to meditate and introspect upon the kind of turmoil we have created on earth through our ill-actions. Too much activity and rush has only brought misfortunes to mankind, so it is better to be quiet and still.

Why is goldfinch compared to Lizard?

Answer: The movement of the bird is compared to that of a lizard. A lizard moves in a sleek and smooth manner, reflecting a lot of dexterity in its alertness and quickness of movement. Similarly, the entry of the goldfinch into the thickness of the tree is ‘sleek’, ‘alert’ and ‘abrupt’.