What is the difference between ectothermy and endothermy?

What is the difference between ectothermy and endothermy?

An ectotherm (reptile/amphibian) relies primarily on its external environment to regulate the temperature of its body. Endotherms (birds) are able to regulate their body temperatures by producing heat within the body.

What’s the difference between endothermy and homeothermy?

endotherm: An animal that regulates its own internal body temperature through metabolic processes. homeotherm: An animal that maintains a constant internal body temperature, usually within a narrow range of temperatures.

What is an evolutionary advantage of endothermy over ectothermy?

The advantages of endothermy are well known: the ability to occupy thermal niches that exclude many ectothermic vertebrates, a high degree of thermal independence from environmental temperature, high muscular power output and sustained levels of activity, to name but a few.

What are meant by the terms endothermy ectothermy Poikilothermy and homeothermy?

Endothermy- use of elevated metabolism in response to body cooling to maintain homeothermy (mammals-bobcat). Ectothermy- rely on external sources of heat to maintain an elevated body temp(cold-blooded animals) They look to heat or sunlight to raise their body temp. poikilothermy- lack of controlling a temp.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of endothermy and Ectothermy?

Being endothermic allows us to live in cooler areas and regulate our body temperatures to fight off infection (think of the fever you get fighting off the flu). The downside, though, is that regulating body temperature is energetically costly, and warm-blooded animals need more food than cold-blooded ones.

What is the meaning of endothermy?

Definition of endothermy : physiological generation and regulation of body temperature by metabolic means : the property or state of being warm-blooded.

What is the meaning of Endothermy?

What is the difference between a poikilotherm and an ectotherm?

As nouns the difference between ectotherm and poikilotherm is that ectotherm is (biology) a cold-blooded animal which regulates its body temperature by exchanging heat with its surroundings while poikilotherm is a cold-blooded animal.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of endothermy and ectothermy?

Is endothermy convergent evolution?

Birds and mammals share a number of features that are remarkably similar but have evolved convergently. Although endothermy has been proposed to have been a cardinal character that led to much of this convergent evolution, selection for extensive parental care behaviors is a more compelling explaination.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Endothermy and Ectothermy?

What is a main advantage of Ectothermy?

Without the need to maintain a body temperature, an ectotherm can use considerably less energy. This means that more energy can be devoted to growth and reproduction per unit of food that the animal obtains.