What is the difference between Australian and New Zealand flag?

What is the difference between Australian and New Zealand flag?

The flag is (somewhat) different BUT the Australian flag has two extra stars – a small one near the cross and a big one under the Union Jack. Meanwhile, New Zealand’s flag has just four stars but they are red with a white outline. Yes, the difference between the Aussie and NZ flag are small, but they are important.

What do the 4 stars on the NZ flag represent?

The stars on the Flag represent the Southern Cross constellation, emphasising New Zealand’s location in the South Pacific Ocean. The Union Jack in the top left-hand corner of the Flag recognises New Zealand’s historical foundations as a former British colony and dominion.

Does New Zealand have two flags?

New Zealand’s first flag, Te Kara, was chosen and flew here at Waitangi exactly 185 years ago today and is still one of NZ’s official flags. Visiting schools are surprised to learn that NZ has two flags!

What does the red NZ flag mean?

The New Zealand Red Ensign, adopted in 1903, is based on the Red Ensign (colloquially known as the ‘red duster’) that has been flown for centuries by merchant ships registered in the United Kingdom. Merchant ships registered in New Zealand initially carried the Red Ensign.

What is the NZ flag called?

The flag of New Zealand (Māori: Te haki o Aotearoa), also known as the New Zealand Ensign, is based on the British maritime Blue Ensign – a blue field with the Union Jack in the canton or upper hoist corner – augmented or defaced with four red stars centred within four white stars, representing the Southern Cross …

What is the White NZ flag?

The New Zealand White Ensign (also known as the New Zealand Naval Ensign or the Royal New Zealand Navy Ensign) is a naval ensign used by ships of the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN) from 1968.

What has NZ stolen from Australia?

10 things Australia have tried to steal from New Zealand and claim as their own

  • Pavlova. This sweet fluffy cloud of sugar & egg whites was named after Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova.
  • Lolly Cake.
  • The Lamington.
  • Phar Lap.
  • Team NZ Medals.
  • Russell Crowe.
  • Lorde.
  • The Flat White.