What is the current version of the Security+ exam?

What is the current version of the Security+ exam?

The current version of Security+, SY0-601, has been available since Nov. 12, 2020, and, once again, CompTIA modified exam domains to reflect what’s happening in the industry.

Where can I take the CompTIA Security+ exam?

Pearson VUE testing center

What is the difference between SY0 501 and SY0 601?

CompTIA Security+ (SY0-601) has 35 exam objectives, compared to 37 on SY0-501. The difference is that the exam objectives for SY0-601 include more examples under each objective – the number of examples increased by about 25%. This was intentional to help you better understand the meaning of each exam objective.

Can I still take SY0-501?

The English version of the CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 exam will retire on July 31, 2021. At that point it will be completely replaced by SY0-601.

Can I take a+ exam online?

In addition to taking an exam in person at a test center, CompTIA now offers online testing. Online testing allows you to: Test anywhere – especially from the security and privacy of your own home.

What is the best study guide for CompTIA A+?

Best CompTIA A+ Study Guides

  • Editor’s Choice. The Official CompTIA A+ Study Guide. Jan 2019. by Taylor & Pengelly. CHECK PRICE.
  • CompTIA A+ Certification Premium Bundle. Tenth Edition. by Mike Meyers. CHECK PRICE.
  • CompTIA A+ Exam Cram. First Edition. by David Prowse. CHECK PRICE.
  • CompTIA A+ Complete Study Guide. 4th Edition. by Docter & Buhaglar. CHECK PRICE.

What is the difference between CompTIA Security+ 401 and 501?

Version SY0-501 covers mostly lower-level learning objectives through knowledge, application, and comprehension. On the other hand, SY0-401 objectives covered the more intermediate-level analysis. Furthermore, the objective sets have been increased from 33 to 37.

What is the best way to study for CompTIA A+?

What are the Best Tips to Pass a CompTIA A+ Exam?

  1. Getting Familiar with Course Content.
  2. Review the Exam Objectives and Format.
  3. Book Your CompTIA A+ Exam.
  4. Exam Details and Specifics.
  5. Find Your Method of Studying.
  6. Build a Desktop Computer.
  7. Set Up Your CompTIA A+ Test Lab.
  8. Prepare for Performance-Based Questions.

Is the A+ exam hard?

So, is the CompTIA A+ hard? The CompTIA A+ is a professional industry certification and has the same level of difficulty of any other entry-level professional licensure exam. Many A+ test takers underestimate the difficulty of the exams and the amount of study the exams require.

Is CompTIA Security+ difficult?

Like most other tests for professional certification, the CompTIA Security+ exam is not easy to pass.

How much money can you make with a A+ certification?

The average salary for a man with A+ certification ranges from $38,248 to $74,186. However, a woman with A+ certification has an average salary from $38,965 to $68,228. A+ certification holders are primarily male – only 7% of those with A+ certification are women.

How do you pass the security?

Here are seven simple steps.

  1. 1) Get a Good Study Guide to Pass the Security+ Exam.
  2. 2) Do the Assessment.
  3. 3) Get a Discount Voucher and Schedule Your Exam.
  4. 4) Start Studying.
  5. 5) Mix Studying with Review.
  6. 6) Do the Post Exam.
  7. 7) Take the Exam and Celebrate Your Success.

Can CompTIA A+ get you a job?

Jobs like support specialist, field service technician, desktop support analyst and help desk tier 2 support use the skills validated by CompTIA A+ certification. Furthermore, companies like Intel, Dell, Ricoh, Nissan, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and HP all look for CompTIA A+ certification in hiring.

What is the best security study guide?

The Official CompTIA Security+ Certification Study Guide is our overall top pick for people studying for the Security+ Exam.

What is the latest Security exam?

CompTIA Security+